Football Manager 2020 Touch APK (MOD Unlocked) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher SEGA
  • OS Android
  • Size 400MB
  • Version 1.0
  • MOD Features Unlocked All
  • Get it on Google Play


Yesterday, we introduced you to a great football management simulation game, Football Manager 2020 Mobile. In this new release, SEGA released two versions, a regular mobile version and the second is Football Manager 2020 Touch. Football Manager 2020 Touch is also a mobile version but it is more advanced, providing a better experience.

Football Manager 2020 Touch is sold on Google Play for a high price, at about $ 20. This is a really high price for a mobile game. But the great features it offers are different from other paid games. This version also has other features compared to the regular Mobile version. Below is an introduction to Football Manager 2020 Touch. The game download link is located at the bottom of the article.

Familiar management play

Football Manager 2020 Touch is still developing the familiar soccer simulation game like previous Football Manager versions. It is, in fact, an adapted version, or a reduced version of the FM 2020 version on the PC. Like the Mobile version we introduced yesterday, it’s different from the Touch version and the PC version. So you will have an easier experience with FM 2020 Touch.

Join the game, you will still play the role of a manager, leading a team. You will begin the journey to conquer high-level tournaments around the world with your team. Your task is to do all the work of a coach as well as a leader. Examples include buying, selling players, coaching players, and developing team tactics. Any decision you make directly affects the team. Let your team beat every opponent and win the most prestigious trophies,

What is the difference between Football Manager 2020 Touch?

As mentioned above, this time SEGA released two mobile versions, FM 2020 Mobile and FM 2020 Touch. In which the Touch version introduced in this article is a shortened version of the PC version. And the normal mobile version is more different. The most outstanding feature in Football Manager 2020 Touch is the match simulator. The simulation matches in the game will take place with real players, not just circles moving like the normal mobile version.

To get that feature, Football Manager 2020 Touch was developed with high quality 3D graphics. Therefore, you will still enjoy authentic soccer matches like soccer control games like FIFA or PES. In addition, the development center with the club vision are also new features of this version. These two features are developed in detail and detail, so your task in this game is more than other mobile versions.

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Download Football Manager 2020 Touch APK (MOD Unlocked)

Overall Football Manager 2020 Touch is a different version than other mobile FM versions. It is a compact version of the PC version, with a series of unique features. That’s why it has a higher selling price than previous FM releases. Join Football Manager 2020 Touch now and start your coaching journey.Please show your ability to grow your team with players around the world. And the following is the link to download the game for you.

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