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  • Publisher IDFAME
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So far, the MOBA game genre is still popular with gamers. This game genre is varied in many different forms to create accents with the player. Especially after the survival game series prevailed, the MOBA game was combined with survival factors to bring a more unique gameplay. And today, we will introduce to you a MOBA title that combines survival, more special than other games of the same genre.

This game, called Force of Guardians, was developed by IDFAME and released by a well-known game company from China. Currently the game is in beta so it is not available on Google Play or AppStore. If you are interested, you can play the game through the Force of Guardians APK file at the end of this article. Why do we say this is a unique MOBA game compared to other games of the same genre? This is because it is designed to look like a classic pixel style image.

Background of the game

The game opens up a fictional universe called Sithdoth. Here, you will immerse yourself in a powerful warrior and enter the majestic battle. The best player to win at the end of the season will be opening Zyira, the door of fate and the blessing of the will of light and darkness. More noble is that he will forever become a defender of balance here. This world is divided into three different factions: Garne Xerther and Luthma. On each side there will be different heroes to choose from for this experience.

MOBA style strategy game

Basically, Force of Guardians was developed with the familiar MOBA style, but there are also some minor improvements to make the game more refreshing. The first is the 3v3 game mode with familiar 3-lane map and jungle monsters. Your mission in this game mode is to attack the enemy base while leveling up the hero to become stronger. This is the familiar point like other traditional MOBA games.

As for the difference in MOBA gameplay of Force of Guardians, it is a game that adds many natural elements. That is when you kill the monster, it will drop a support skill or the monster itself will become a mercenary for you to call out to support the enemy attack. This will be a unique point that gamers are interested in this game.

In addition the game also offers Survival mode (Arena Valor 1v11), the map is more closed but in return there is plenty of grass to avoid or ambush enemies. The character will have basic combat skills and some special auxiliary spells that are used randomly like lightning, transformation, freezing, speeding, … When your character is destroyed, it remains in the form of spirits, waiting for healing of blood and energy to continue fighting.

Pixel graphics

The highlight of the game Force of Guardians is the image of it. The game is designed in the classic Pixel style, the image quality is not too sharp. But this style has impressed and caught the attention of players. Because most MOBA games currently are 3D graphics, nothing new. Although the image quality is not high, but the design and shaping in the game is still very detailed, especially the character formation.

Download Force of Guardians APK

Force of Guardians possesses MOBA gameplay that combines attractive survival, prominent with pixel graphics so it will surely get the love of players when the game is released. Currently it has not been officially released, you can only play the game through our APK file below.

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