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Review Frostborn – Kefir’s superfoods!

Kefir! It is considered one of the outstanding game developers today because the number of game releases is not much, but any game they create is great and is loved by many players. The most striking is the super-game that survives Last Day On Earth, or other cult names like Forge of Glory, Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival. That makes gamers trust in this developer, and whenever Kefir launches the game, they are ready to download the game right away.

Good news for those who are looking forward to quality games from this developer, Kefir has just released a new survival game called Frostborn, which is being searched a lot during the days. recently. Currently the game is in the process of testing and allows players to play, after experience we have a few comments and reviews in the article below for your reference. We will then provide you with a link to download the Frostborn APK game for you to try.


Frostborn does not choose a modern theme with islands, advanced weapons like other survival games that take place in ancient times to bring the most realistic feeling of survival to players. Accordingly, the game is set in the Nordic snow, where strong Viking warriors fight daily with the attacks of the beasts and other beasts. You will be thrown into this dangerous world and start your journey of survival adventure. Besides the harshness of the weather is also one of the challenges that you must overcome in this game.

Survival gameplay

Frostborn’s gameplay was also developed quite similar to its senior, Last Day On Earth, which means you’ll have to find ways to survive in this world. You must find ways to gather resources, build weapons while paying attention to the factors that affect the body such as health and body temperature, the spirit to keep the character in the best state. After building the base, it will be a place for you to store resources and assets, more importantly, to defend the attacks of evil beasts as well as enemies. This base needs to be built firmly and designed more pitfalls to increase defense.

You will be assigned to the blueprints, based on which to create new weapons or furniture, with each having different uses for both attack and defense. Each battle situation, you need to base on the pros and cons of each weapon to use for the right purpose, because the weapons system in Frostborn is quite diverse. But it’s not that you can easily pick up weapons like other survival games, but you have to learn and create them yourself.

A novelty in Frostborn is a virtual element, in addition to facing an ordinary human or animal enemy, you have to fight strange creatures like giants or beasts. In order to defeat them, your character needs to be strong and equipped with the best weapons.

Overall Frostborn’s gameplay is quite similar to its elder LDOE product, but the new point is that you will survive in difficult snowstorms. Frostborn is well-regarded for its gameplay, but it does not have a new score to make it unique compared to other games of the same genre.

Realistic graphics, vivid sound

Like the games Kefir released earlier, Frostborn is still equipped with high quality 3D graphics with ancient style. At first glance Frostborn is quite similar to his older brother, Last Day On Earth, from a top-down perspective as well as shaping the character and scenery of the game. Frostborn features wild, white landscapes by snow, bringing an ancient landscape to life. Coming to Frostborn, you will be able to embark on a truly adventurous journey, not simply a game. To make the game more lively, Frostborn also incorporates sound effects when fighting or natural sound depending on the location in the game.

Download Frostborn MOD APK

Overall Frostborn is an attractive survival game with a theme quite familiar to developers Kefir !, although the game does not have many new features compared to other games of the same genre. Anyway, Frostborn is still a game worth your experience. Below is the link for downloading Frostborn MOD APK for you.

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