Gang Clash MOD APK v2.0.20 (Unlimited Money, No Ads) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher IEC Global Pty
  • OS Android
  • Size 45M
  • Version 2.0.20
  • MOD Features No Ads, Unlimited Money
  • Get it on Google Play


Gang Clash MOD APK – an arcade game with addictive gameplay that is enjoyed by many players. The game was just released in late October recently by IEC Global Pty. This is a new publisher, no products have achieved impressive results. And Gang Clash is the latest product as well as bringing success to them. Only after a short time was launched, this gaem title has received more than 1 million downloads. Certainly Gang Clash’s addictive arcade game will make you happy.

How to play the game

You will control an army to fight the enemy by fighting quite simply, without gore. Starting the game, your army is only 3 people, and you need to upgrade your army. As your enemies become more and more powerful, if you do not upgrade your army will not be able to win. At each level there will be a different number of enemies, you must defeat all of those enemies and the least possible loss of forces. To the new level, you will face more enemies.

In terms of upgrading your army, you will have to have a reasonable strategy. You can only buy one for each new person. And the number of people in the army was also dominated by the squares. Each square can only accommodate a maximum of 4 people so you need to use money to unlock new squares to get the largest army. In particular, you can merge the same soldiers to form stronger soldiers, knocking weapons as chairs. Just like that, you will go through many different difficulty levels.

Simple stylish 3D graphics

Images in the game Gang Clash is designed with a fairly simple style. A miniature city is made up of a crossroads, or a large yard with surrounding high-rise houses. Everything around like trees, houses are designed quite simple simulation. And even the character system is shaped like stickman, no face or details on the body. You can only distinguish the characters in your army with opponents through color. But the image quality of the game is not inferior, it was developed with 3D graphics. It can be seen that this visual style is quite similar to the games that Voodoo has released, typically Crowd City.

MOD information

The first time you play the game will receive 50 coins. Then you buy new characters or expand the square containing the character, the money will increase, not decrease. The amount of money you have will never decrease, so you can constantly upgrade your army. Thanks to that, you can easily defeat all enemies, at all levels. In addition, this version also delete ads completely free.

Download Gang Clash MOD APK

This is a fairly simple action game, requiring a bit of tactical element from you. It does not take long, you can play the game whenever to relax and feel the satisfaction whenever you win at each level. This is a fighting game but not too violent, no gore so you can let children play this game. And the following will be the link to download the Gang Clash MOD APK game with Unlimited Money feature for you to download

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