Glory Heyday APK v1.0 download for Android, iOS

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  • Publisher China
  • OS Android
  • Size 627MB
  • Version 1.0
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Glory Heyday APK is a new MOBA mobile game from the Chinese studio that brings a unique style, not mixed like the current MOBA games. Interestingly, this game was developed by a group of more than 100 people with the goal of “inheriting, innovating, creating” for MOBA game genre. Developed by a non-famous studio, the quality of the game will definitely surprise you. The game will own hundreds of generals with an ancient Oriental cultural design. This is a very popular mobile MOBA game project in the last few days in China.

The reason this game is interested is because its story is developed uniformly in the style of ancient pages, not mixing both modern and ancient as the current MOBA games. So the whole character and character skills in Glory Heyday are identical, providing a unique experience that many players expect. Go with MODCosy to find out more about this game, see if it is impressive, whether it can compete with other popular MOBA games.

A traditional MOBA game with ancient style

Glory Heyday’s gameplay is quite similar to the popular MOBA mobile currently, typically the Arena of Valor. Participate in this game, you will join the team with other players to fight in the form of 5v5 and must find a way to destroy the main house. You have the opportunity to control the generals with solid armor, mysterious swordsmen, elves, majestic monarchs … And the most important element of this game, as well as MOBA games Other that is tactics. To win, you need to have your own logical strategy, and the combination with other players.

The system of characters in the game is quite diverse and is designed according to a unique style of Chinese costume. Currently the beta version of this game has 21 different generals to choose from, and there will definitely be more new generals in the future when the game is officially released. Accordingly, each general has his own appearance as well as special advantages / disadvantages to create a fighting style. And one thing to note is that a systematic general of life parameters varies depending on the nature and role.

Images and sounds

The image of the game is also invested very carefully to bring the best experience to the players. With high-quality 3D graphics optimized for mobile platforms, the game offers a vast ancient world for you to explore the world-class characteristics of the Chinese half. This game will have a general design, a map view, etc. everything has an Oriental style. The main lobby interface with game modes, quick utility tabs. Area list generals, including 21 generals (the current number in the test). The design of the generals carries a certain direction and especially the general design is not mixed between different cultures. As for the audio part, the game is also created very well with the bamboo flute, melodic piano concert, … bring a lot more vivid feeling when playing games.

Download Glory Heyday APK

It can be said, Glory Heyday deserves a super product mobile MOBA game is carefully invested even though the game company created it is not famous. If Glory Heyday is released by big guys like NetEase or Tencent, it will surely receive the support of many players around the world. There are currently no announcements for the release of the official version on Google Play, so you can only play beta test via Glory Heyday APK version below.

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