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  • Publisher NEXON Company
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Godzilla Defense Force – Nexon Company’s battle strategy game

In March, the first handgame company from Korea, Nexon, recently held a special media event called “Nexon’s special day”. In this event, they introduced a brand new mobile game called Godzilla Defense Force. But at that time the game was only introduced through a video trailer with ingame images. And currently Godzilla Defense Force game has been released to the Android platform via Google Play.

Godzilla Defense Force is developed with attractive monster-based strategy gameplay, along with high-quality 3D graphics, promising to bring you a whole new experience. Let’s go to MODCosy to learn about this game to see if it has something outstanding, whether it is possible to receive the love of the gaming community or not.

The battle with monsters in history

As in the name itself, the theme of the game is also mentioned, Nexon signed a license to use Godzilla images from the owner of Toho Co., Ltd, Japan. Godzilla Defense Force was developed by Studio 42 (also a group involved in making cult titles like Evil Factory or After the End), players need to protect the city by strengthening the base system and building Build defense measures to prevent the attack of a variety of monsters that have appeared in the Godzilla game.

Coming to the game, your mission is to protect cities around the world in the presence of ferocious monsters. To save the world, you will have to collect the other monsters to control them to destroy the remaining monsters, they move around the city so you will easily catch them. Regarding the monster system, you will see Godzillas and other monsters from 29 different movies, from the original 1954 movie to the present. Confucius fight alone, you can join forces with many different allies, such as MechaGodzilla and Kaiju. Every time you defeat the monster will be used as “Skill” or “Buff” in different stages.

In total, the number of Godzilla Defense Force countable monsters amounted to 100 species. When you don’t have time to protect your city, strengthen the moon colonial defense force and even a special time travel mechanic.

Sharp images, vivid sound

You will be attracted by the image in this Godzilla Defense Force game, it was developed with 3D graphics, a fairly simple task with Korea’s leading NEXON game company. The cities in the game are not built as realistic as simulation games, but they are designed to be quite small to create focal points for the giant monster system. These monsters are not new, they are selected from famous movies that you will probably know. They were quite eye-catching, with the Godzilla, the mutant dinosaur that appeared in many cult movies. Along with that, the music system with sound effects is created in great detail, bringing the most vivid moments of experience.

Download Godzilla Defense Force APK

Godzilla Defense Force is a name that has been sought by many gamers recently and it promises to be a popular product in the near future. It can be seen that Mr. NEXON always knows how to please his fans when he regularly brings attractive games with many different genres. And here is the Godzilla Defense Force APK download link for you!

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