Golf King - World Tour MOD APK v1.6.1 (Unlimited Money) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher PNIX
  • OS Android
  • Size 93M
  • Version 1.6.1
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money
  • Get it on Google Play


Golf King – World Tour MOD APK is a new sports game released by PNIX. This is also a famous game company, there are some games that are widely loved around the world. The most prominent among them is the Mini Golf King, the game has achieved more than 10 million downloads through Google Play. And the people who created Mini Golf King have continued to launch the new version is Golf King – World Tour. Currently the game is available on Google Play completely free for you to download.

Accordingly, Golf King – World Tour is a new Golf game with real-time 1v1 matches. It will attract you thanks to its engaging gameplay and stunning graphics. Moreover, you can customize your character with a different style from other players. There are many other great features that will make you excited in this game.

Play golf with global players

In terms of gameplay, Golf King – World Tour brings real-life golf sports to you to play with the most authentic experience. From the way of playing, the rules and images are developed based on actual golf sport. You will control a character and start the journey to conquer the top golf tournaments in the world. Before playing the real game, you can play practice to get used to how to play and improve your skills. You will then enter real-time PvP golf matches with players from around the world. With just one touch, the system will find opponents for you to play.

To win, not only do you need to have good golf skills but also the equipment must be high-class. What you need to do is upgrade the system of golf clubs, costumes, shoes, … You try to win in tournaments and unlock new places, start a new journey to conquer. Your goal is to become the best golfer, dominate the global rankings.

Realistic 3D graphics

As a sports game, Golf King – World Tour is designed as a simulation game to bring the best experience to the players. It is designed with a high quality 3D graphics background, no less than the previous Mini Golf King game. The surface of the field, golf balls, characters, … until the scenery, trees in the game are designed very detailed. Especially the image effects like the shadow of people, trees will bring extremely vivid images. Thanks to that, you will experience an extremely realistic sports play. You will feel like you are playing real golf, not just playing mobile games.

Main function

  • Play golf with golfers from around the world through real-time PvP matches
  • The way to control and play golf is extremely easy. You just swipe and release to hit the ball, like playing billiards
  • A lot of different golf courses for you to explore and play golf
  • Play and collect booty, unlock top stages
  • Discover and join golf clubs
  • Customize the look of your profile, club and caddy
  • The weekly tournament is organized so you can receive additional card rewards if you do well
  • Try to rank high at Coin Rush to receive special rewards
  • Play games with your friends or family
  • Send and receive gifts with friends

Download Golf King – World Tour MOD APK

A great golf game with realistic gameplay, so you can play Golf anytime. Because this is a subject that requires the player to have the conditions and technique to play is also very difficult. So you can play real golf with this mobile game. One advice for you when playing this game is to play on phones with large screens or tablets. That way you can play the game easier and have better images. The following will be the download link of game Golf King – World Tour MOD APK for you.

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