HAGO MOD APK v3.22.4 (Unlimited Diamonds) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Hago Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 77M
  • Version 3.22.4
  • MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
  • Get it on Google Play


HAGO MOD APK is a very unique social application with a lot of interesting features. It helps people who have similar interests in playing online games together or popular social networks that help you find friends to talk to. This app gathers a variety of game genres that are storming and attracts players on mobile devices and connects online friends around the world. Not only that, players are also free to challenge and compete with any opponent they want.

From action genres, intelligence to fun games,…. Hago offers users a variety of exciting and engaging experiences with a variety of games, so the gameplay is also very simple but attracted by the high competitiveness when playing with friends. The maximum duration for each game is 3 minutes and anytime, anywhere, just need to be online to be able to play with Hago. Below will be the main features that this social network gives you.

The number of mini games is diverse

The basic feature of Hago social network is to help users enjoy light mini games. Those are simple games full of entertainment. Most of the games here are very easy to play, you will not take much time to learn them. Even though it’s a simple game, you can still be addicted to it. Because nowadays, players tend to love simple and addictive games.

These mini games are not too new, there are titles that are too familiar to us such as Gold Digging, Phi Dao, Xoxo (Caro) … And there are also titles that have made a big attention like the War Sheep that you used to know on Facebook … Initially, Hago offers up to 23 different games for players to experience. But until now, the game has added a lot of new games, the number of games has reached more than 80. Each game has a unique appeal designed with vivid, cute colors … due to It’s suitable for all ages, gender.

Hago has a large community of friends

Unlike the usual mini games that you play on My Talking Tom or My Talking Angela, on Hago you don’t play games alone. In Hago games, you will be randomly playing with another player selected by the system. Not only that, while playing, you and your opponent can chat and get to know each other by sending messages, emoticons. More specifically, the two people can also talk directly to each other thanks to the voice chat feature with sound through the microphone icon.

After playing the game, you and that person will determine victory or defeat by the score saved. You can continue to invite that person to play another game, as they decide, or vice versa, they invite you. Also here will have the ability to make friends for two people have the opportunity to chat with each other more when becoming friends officially. Moreover, you can easily find your friends in this game, because HAGO allows you to log in with your Facebook account. The system will suggest Facebook friends to use HAGO, or you invite your friends to use this social network.

Another convenient way to make friends is to find people around you. By turning on GPS navigation on your device, you can scan other HAGO users around you. Those users also clearly show how far you are. Thanks to that, you can make friends with the people around you. But the condition is that those people also have to turn on location before you can find them.

HAGO’s main function

  • A series of mini games for you along with other players and friends to play
  • Simple yet addictive games
  • Easy to get acquainted with trending games
  • Only one touch, quickly pairing and can find the confidant at any time
  • Can make new friends from around the world with millions of people online
  • Make chatting easier through gaming
  • Hago supports a variety of languages
  • Make money easily, whenever you have free time


HAGO is a great social network that you should not miss. Currently more than 100 million players participate in this social network. Are you ready to come to HAGO to find new friends? Download the app from the link below to join the world’s leading social networks!

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