Heavy Metal Babe MOD APK v1.1.7 (God Mode) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Nutaku
  • OS Android
  • Size 99MB
  • Version 1.1.7
  • MOD Features God Mode
  • Get it on Google Play


Heavy Metal Babes MOD APK – This JRPG game is one of the most popular games on Nutaku. This game was developed by Digital Arts and was released on Nutaku platform. This is the latest mobile game, just released on May 6 recently. Immediately after its launch, this game quickly attracted a large number of participants thanks to its attractive gameplay. And most special is still the 3D image is built on the background of 2D graphics, a unique combination. The image of the game is the most attractive point of this game, maybe even addictive for the player.


The story of the game Heavy Metal Babe takes place in the near future. Here XEN units are used to explore completely new worlds, places where people have never seen or known them. These units are genetically modified copies of girls with a unique ability to synchronize and control powerful robots. But recently, the Earth has lost contact with one of the new worlds. That place is a planet called X-69, inhabited by XEN units. At this time, the human race takes a group of people to find out the truth about this lost planet. Most of the people on this flight are girls. Suddenly, the command ship was attacked while going into orbit of planet X-69. The story of the game begins from this point, the unwanted battles took place.

Role-playing game

You are the commander of the ship carrying beautiful girls. When attacked by strangers, you must fight to protect the ship as well as all members on this flight. But the men who fought were not men, but girls on board. They are not weak women, they have very good fighting ability. But there is a point you need to pay attention, they need to be satisfied and satisfy them. If you can make them happy and happy, they will fight hard for you.

Take your girls to battle all the enemies, who are other players around the world. Take part in top-notch PvP battles to prove you’re the best manager. Prove to other players, that your girls are the strongest, thanks to your good care.

Discover girls

Your goal in this game is not just to defeat every opponent. You also have another goal that is to explore the images, the hot cut of the characters in the game. That will be the hot animation with all of your sexy companions. Collect all their naughty pictures and unleash your craziest fantasies. Every time you talk to these girls, you have to be smart about what you say to make them fall in love with you. The cutscenes will be high quality animation with lots of sexy girls who want to show off their sexy bodies for you to admire.

Download Heavy Metal Babe MOD APK

With a thrilling storyline and compelling gameplay, Heavy Metal Babe is definitely a great game that you should not miss. It has both brought exciting experience of the JRPG game, and the satisfaction of players from mesmerizing hot images of girls. Therefore, Heavy Metal Babe is loved by many players around the world. Thereby, Heavy Metal Babe was selected as one of the best role-playing games on Nutaku.

Installation Instructions

  • First, allow permission to install apps from unknown sources (Install- Apps – Unknown sources)
  • Proceed to download our Heavy Metal Babe APK file
  • Open the downloaded file to install
  • When the installation is successful, open the game and log in to your Nutaku account
  • Finally, you just enjoy this game

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