Heroic - Magic Duel Mod Apk v2.0.11 (No reduce MP) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Nordeus
  • OS Android
  • Size 269M
  • Version 2.0.11
  • MOD Features No reduce MP
  • Get it on Google Play


Heroic – Magic Duel MOD APK is a real-time online strategy game, giving you the ultimate action. This is a product of publisher Nordeus – the game company that has brought to the market entertainment a top football management game called Top Eleven 2019 – Be a soccer manager, the game has achieved more than 50 million plays. Download on Google Play. They also released a football-themed game, but did not leave much impression on the players, so they were unpopular. And Heroic – Magic Duel is a RPG that promises to bring success again to this Nordus game company.

Following that Heroic – Magic Duel is developed with tactical gameplay, requires thinking and leadership ability of the player. Not only that, the image of the game is also highly appreciated by many people with 3D graphics, developed in a fantasy style with the appearance of hideous monsters. Here we will introduce a little about the game, then will guide you to download Heroic game – Magic Duel MOD APK.

The ultimate tactical play

Heroic Game – Magic Duel developed tactical gameplay is not too new, but it has many unique features compared to other games of the same genre. The game’s main game mode will still be real-time PvP for you to fight alongside other players around the world. Participate in battles, you will have to find ways to destroy the opponent’s main house with many powerful units and magic. And of course the opponent will also try to do the same with your main house, so a balance between attack and defense is the most important. Battlefield in Heroic – Magic Duel Mobile is divided into three main lines so you can deploy your army. You need to use a lot of MP to be able to use your units.

Currently the game has an extremely diverse monster system and is also added after new updates. Thereby, you can unlock more than 20 different creatures, each creature has its own stats of blood, strength, attack, speed, … You can also add these values ​​by leveling up with The pieces you collected when playing. Besides collecting and improving your units, you can also unlock new heroes to add to the squad. Each of these heroes has a set of skills with their own special spells, opening up countless possibilities in battle thanks to them.

Stunning 3D images, intuitive interface

Like other strategy games of the same genre, Heroic – Magic Duel is invested in high quality 3D graphics in a fantasy style to attract players’ attention. The first highlight that you can see in this game is the shaping of characters as well as monsters, they are shaped very detailed and eye-catching. Add to that the glowing effects designed for the skills of characters and monsters. Because of the appearance of magic in the game, it was beautifully designed with unique visual effects.

About the interface, Heroic – Magic Duel is designed quite simply, not unlike other strategy games. With a top-down view, you can easily observe the overall situation, so that you can make the most reasonable strategy.

Download Heroic – Magic Duel MOD APK

Overall Heroic – Magic Duel is a strategy game with fast gameplay and somewhat fun graphics. Attractive gameplay, beautiful graphics are the two highlights that we summarized after the introduction. And this will be a strategy game worth playing for you during this time. Here is the link to download Heroic – Magic Duel MOD APK with “no MP reduction when monsters appear” feature.

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