Download House Paint MOD APK v1.4.0 (Many Gems, NO ADS)

  • App Details
  • Publisher SayGames
  • OS Android
  • Size 32M
  • Version 1.4.0
  • MOD Features Many Gems, NO Ads
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Every house needs a color to make it stand out and be eye-catching, so we need painters for the house to become more beautiful. Today we bring an extremely entertaining entertainment game, for you to hand-paint the houses. The game is called House Paint, which has just been released early in April because SayGames, a recently released entertainment game company. Game title House Paint owns extremely simple gameplay but addictive for people because of satisfaction. You will be painted for monotonous white houses that become more brilliant with paint colors, smooth paint lines and will make you feel excited. However, to paint the whole house, you need to find a way to paint the house. Find out how to play the game.

Paint the houses your way

The game of House Paint game is not simply entertaining, but also Your task in this game is simply to paint the unfinished house, when the color of the house becomes beautiful and more outstanding than. You will control a square paint, find the direction to paint on the vacant areas of the house, because the walls are decorated by bricks and windows, so you can not easily paint sealed walls. You just brush the paint, it will paint itself until it touches the end of the wall or touch the bricks.

Each level, you will have to paint all a house with 3 walls. How to play the game is extremely easy, you just swipe up, down, left or right to paint the white space of the wall. It sounds like every screen is simple, but coming to the difficult levels, there will be more bricks on the wall, so you can hardly find a way to paint the wall. The more you go after the game, the harder it will be to challenge you. In general, the game of House Paint is easy to get used to, but to achieve all levels, not everyone can do it. The game will regularly update new levels of play for players to experience constantly.

Image variety of colors

Game House Paint is equipped with high-quality 3D graphics, although in-game images are simply walls of a simple model house. Coming to each level, you will be painting a different house and other paint colors. The houses in the game are designed in a very simple model but also very eye-catching. The image of House Paint stands out thanks to its bright color system.

Download House Paint MOD APK

With such a play, House Paint is suitable for those who love satisfaction, when creating colorful smooth paint lines. Moreover, House Paint is a completely free, lightweight game with only 23MB, so you can easily download the game to experience. You can choose our House Paint MOD APK version or the original version from Google Play. If the link to download the game has errors, please leave a comment below the article for us to fix.

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