Hype City - Idle Tycoon MOD APK v0.5231 (Unlimited Money) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Hypemasters
  • OS Android
  • Size 79M
  • Version 0.5231
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money
  • Get it on Google Play


Hype City – Idle Tycoon MOD APK is a game of idle simulation game type. This is a game developed by a not so famous game company, Hypemasters. They just launched a previous mobile game product, and Hype City – Idle Tycoon is the second product. This game has just been launched in early December recently, support for Android is completely free.

Accordingly, the game is developed with a simulation of construction style, still familiar with idle. This style of play is very similar to the Idle Construction 3D game that we introduced in the previous article. Coming to the game, you will be immersed into an architect and a mayor. Your noble mission is to design and build your poor countryside into a rich town. Thereby, you will also become a wealthy architect.

Idle simulation gameplay

In the game, you are the most famous mayor and architect, tasked with building, upgrading and expanding your city. When you make enough money, you can move to the next city and discover its unique style. Each building in the game has its own characteristics and how you invest will affect everything that happens in the city. You can build up a balanced neighborhood with a diverse, harmonious distribution. By constructing facilities such as restaurants, hotels, houses or building a street specializing in hotel business only.

Similar to idle clicker games like Idle Car TycoonIdle Gun TycoonIdle Fitness Gym Tycoon,… the player’s job is simply to touch and touch the screen to collect resources and grow his city. Even when you’re not playing games, resources are constantly being created and collected. And when you go back to playing the game, you use it for construction. This is a type of game just rewarded without penalty, giving players fun and endless development possibilities.

Outstanding features of the game Hype City Idle Tycoon

  • Grow your impoverished neighborhood into a vast, wealthy city
  • Puzzle to unlock new buildings
  • Make sound decisions for building and upgrading
  • Each project has its own unique points
  • Profits are received automatically
  • Make constant profits, even when you’re not playing games. You will see your money increase every time you wake up
  • Get the help of smart managers by hiring them
  • Find new cities when you have enough money
  • Create works for life
  • Become the world’s leading architect with a huge fortune

New feature

  • Discover 3 new locations: Sydney, New York and Bali
  • Can make money offline in all locations
  • Increase the amount of ad views twice in all locations
  • Receive gifts by clicking on planes and trains
  • Get IAP suggestions to speed up the play process
  • More user friendly interface
  • Play more stable game
  • Support more devices

Download Hype City – Idle Tycoon MOD APK

Hype City – Idle Tycoon continues to be an extremely interesting idle game for you to experience. With a series of interesting features and eye-catching 3D graphics, this game is very much interested by players. If you’re a fan of the idle game genre, try playing Hype City – Idle Tycoon to explore it. Surely you will be fascinated by its excellent gameplay. Here is the link to download the game for you to choose.

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