Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood MOD APK v1.1.3 (GOD Mode, Hints)

  • App Details
  • Publisher Keplerians Horror Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 108M
  • Version 1.1.3
  • MOD Features GOD Mode, Hints
  • Get it on Google Play


Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood MOD APK is a 3D horror game that has just been released by Keplerians Horror Games. This is a developer specializing in the genre of horror games. They have brought to a horror game is Evil Nun: Scary Horror Game Adventure. And Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood is the latest game product they launched in the entertainment market. The official version of the game has just been released to Google Play on October 13 recently. It was previously released for PC platforms. All in free form. You can learn about the story, the gameplay and the way to download through our article below.

A horror story

A scary ice cream vendor with a smiling face, but an extremely evil smile, his name is Rod. And he has come to your neighborhood, what will happen? Terribly, he kidnapped your friend and neighbor Charlie. Scariest of all is that you have witnessed all these things without stopping. Your best friend was frozen by him using some super powers that he could not resist. He then took him to a mysterious place by his truck. This is not the most frightening thing, but the most feared is that he will do the same to the other children in the neighborhood, and many other places. Terrible, you can’t let that happen.

Before kidnapping children, he is usually friendly to all the children who buy ice cream, and then will use that friendliness to kidnap them. You just saw him take his friend into the ice cream truck, not knowing where he took it. Your task is to face the fears to learn the truth about this ice cream seller, about the mystery on that truck. You will gradually come across different horror stories, with the first goal of rescuing the friend who is frozen. A story that brings fear and thrill to you, can you face it?


The game is developed in a style of puzzle and adventure. And of course the elements of horror and fear will make the game a lot more attractive. You will have to find the truth about Rod but you will have to be careful of his dangers. He will listen to all your movements every time you act so you need to be very alert and careful. Find a way to hide and deceive him, so that he does not see you. On the truck, you are taken to many different places and explore many different stories, especially the secret about that vehicle.

In that journey, you will have to solve the puzzles of the game. You can choose one of two levels of play is normal or hard. If you can’t get past the puzzles, you’ll face fear, which is the danger of the ice cream vendor. He can kill you anytime, especially when you’re careless. Overall the game Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood brings horror with suspenseful situations, not bloody.

MOD information

  • Disable ads when purchasing
  • Unlock all suggestions (usually you have to see ads to get this suggestion)
  • Immortal: the ice cream maker doesn’t kill you

Download Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood MOD APK

Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood continues to be a game not to be missed in the survival game genre. Not long ago, we introduced readers to another interesting horror game, Ganny Chapter Two. They are all horror games that cause fear and suspense for the player. And Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood will have interesting features that are different from other horror games. The following is the link to download the game Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood MOD APK for you.

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