Idle Army Base MOD APK v1.12.1 (Free Purchase, No Ads) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Neon Play
  • OS Android
  • Size 88M
  • Version 1.12.1
  • MOD Features No Ads, Free Purchase
  • Get it on Google Play


Idle game genre is more and more popular. It carries a straightforward gameplay but can be addictive for players. It lets you feel the satisfaction of earning more and more money, even when you’re not gaming. Most idle games today are specifically aimed at making a lot of money from different jobs. For example, the hotel development in the Hotel Empire Tycoon game, the construction of the gym in the game Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon, … Today, we continue to introduce an extremely interesting ilde game called Idle Army Base .

Idle Army Base MOD APK is a new Idle game combined with the construction game genre, a familiar theme. This is a product of the publisher Neon Play. As the name implies, you can easily guess the game’s theme, which is military. You will be building a strong military base to make money for yourself. To know more about how to play the game and how to download the game, please refer to the article below.

Construction of military bases

Join Idle Army Base, you will be completing the mission to create the greatest military base the world has ever seen! You enter the training camp as a leader, a talented leader. Let everyone show your army leadership and development. Can your army grow and make a lot of money for you? Or just a small and poor military base? It all depends on your ability.

Like other ilde games, your ultimate goal is to make a lot of money. Through training, military management, you will receive money. After you have the money, you have to expand your camp to make more money. Here, you need to upgrade the value, speed, capacity, and queue size of all training areas. This is a strict military base, not for lazy people. The hardest soldiers will make your army stronger, earn more money.

Main features

  • Let your army practice regularly on the exercise field
  • Get your soldiers through SWAT training in internal combat training
  • Jump into the jungle adventure when you get out of the chopper and into the jungle
  • Dress warmly, take shelter from snow dust and bravely enter the arctic tundra
  • Hear heavy knocking, machine gun sounds as you practice
  • Select an army of tanks to release large guns to deal maximum damage
  • To avoid heat, you will need to drive on wooden planks
  • Become a tycoon at sea with big boats, not afraid of any difficulties in the water

The end

In terms of gameplay, Idle Army Base still has the familiar idle style like other games of the same genre. But with a completely new military theme, you will have a whole new experience. As for graphics, although a simple game but Idle Army Base still brings a pretty impressive 3D graphics. However, we do not like the color system in the game. Images in the game display sharp, but the color seems quite pale, not prominent.

Download Idle Army Base MOD APK

The download link for Idle Army Base MOD APK is now available for download. Our MOD version has three main features: Free Upgrade, Free Purchase and No Ads. With these features, you can experience the game easier, especially you will not be bothered by advertising.

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