Idle Gun Tycoon MOD APK v1.3.7.1008 (Unlimited Money) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Machbird Studio
  • OS Android
  • Size 55M
  • Version
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Idle Gun Tycoon MOD APK is an idle, but addictive shooting game of the publisher Machbird Studio. Perhaps you’re still unfamiliar with this name, because they are a not so well-known developer, founded not long ago. But they have also released some interesting mobile games before. Up to now, they have released more than 10 mobile game products. In particular, the most impressive game is the Amazing Fishing game, it has reached more than 10 million downloads on Google Play.

And their latest product is Idle Gun Tycoon, the game we mentioned in this article. The game was released in late January, and quickly attracted a large number of players thanks to the extremely addictive gameplay. After only a short time, the game quickly achieved 1 million downloads. As a result, Idle Gun Tycoon will be the product that brings success and popularity to the publisher Machbird Studio.

Create unique guns by joining them

Coming to Idle Gun Tycoon game, you will not collect the best guns to shoot each other with others. Your mission is to create a powerful arsenal by assembling the same guns to upgrade them. Specifically, you will start by pairing two pistols to form a GP100. Next, the two GP100 guns can be assembled into a Beretta 92. After each upgrade, you will receive some money and receive a more advanced weapon. That amount you will receive per second, not after each upgrade. That’s it, you’ll use it to buy new guns and keep pairing them. Just like that, you will make more and more money.

There will be squares to hold weapons, you can pair the same guns to refresh those squares. If you do not have enough space, sell those weapons to get money, then continue buying new guns to pair. Later, the guns in the game will be more advanced, and have greater power. These guns can automatically earn you money, even when you’re not playing. After waking up, you can go into the game and check the amount you receive.

Various gun systems

Currently, the game has more than 50 different types of guns for you to choose and upgrade. These are real-life guns, original designs but the color changes a bit. Guns are divided into different categories like pistols, rifles, pistols, snipers, … You can have your favorite guns like MP5, Desert Eagle, AK 47, AR 15, M4A1, Glock , … Each gun has different stats and the amount of money earned for you every second. The upgrade of guns is not only to make money, but also to help you conquer the goals with the highest score.

Show off your shooting skills

Game Idle Gun Tycoon brings shooting gameplay, but not gore fighting, but shooting at the target. The goal is a circular point, with the lowest score of 5, and the highest score of 10 (center point). You will use the guns you create to perform the task of shooting at the target. To be able to hit the high scores, the game requires you to aim at the standard, reasonable time. The game is easy to play, but extremely difficult to master and achieve high results. Prove your ability to accurately shoot with awesome 10-point gun!

Key features of Idle Gun Tycoon

  • New generation graphics, bring eye-catching images
  • Realistic sound effects, smoke, flash and recoil for the most realistic experience
  • How to play simple, just touch to shoot. Easy to play but very difficult to master
  • Unlock more than 50 free guns
  • Level Mode and Range Mode

Download Idle Gun Tycoon MOD APK

In addition to addictive idle gameplay, Idle Gun Tycoon game also has quite eye-catching graphics. Realistic effects will give you a realistic experience, especially the sound effects of gunshots. The following is the link to download the Idle Gun Tycoon MOD APK game with Unlimited Money feature for you to choose.

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