Inuyasha - The Awakening Story APK download for Android

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  • Publisher Hammer Entertainment
  • OS Android
  • Size 99M
  • Version 1.0
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Manga themes are always of special interest to developers to create cross-platform game products. Before that, we learned about manga-themed games like Dragon Ball Legend, One Piece Bounty Rush, Naruto: Slugfest … And today, we continue to introduce to you a master role-playing game New mana deals promising. This game, called Inuyasha – The Awakening Story, is inspired by the famous manga and anime Inuyasha.

Accordingly, this game was developed by Hammer Entertainment – a game company based in Korea. As you know, Inuyasha is an extremely popular Japanese manga series, illustrated by author Takahashi Rumiko. And this game was developed with adventure role-playing game based on the plot of the hit manga just mentioned.

Coming to the game, you will have the opportunity to meet the main characters in the Inuyasha series such as Kagome, Sango …. And adventure with them in a world filled with youkai warriors of the Warring States period. Along with that is the main plot of the search for the Shikon no Tama and the battle with Naraku.

Role-playing action game

In terms of gameplay, this game is a familiar action role-playing game. You will be immersed into one of the familiar characters in this game to start the adventure journey. The main task system will help you understand the story of the game, completing missions you will receive valuable rewards. And the two modes of interest are the boss raids and real-time PvP battles between multiple players. You will control the main character, Inuyasha, and have the support from other members of the party to fight.

The moves of each main character retain the original sticking shape to bring the closest experience to fans of this series. Moreover, the image of the characters in the game and the context are shown almost authentically with the original, making the player feel to experience it in the most perfect way. It’s almost like watching an anime.

Stunning 3D graphics

Most games that are developed based on popular manga are equipped with high quality graphics. The purpose of that is to bring out the best experience for the player, giving the image the same as the original. And Hammer Entertainment developed Inuyasha – The Awakening Story with extremely impressive 3D graphics. Inuyasha also has an Anime version, and this game is shaped like the Anime version to 90%. Even with great graphics quality, the game’s image is even better than the anime version. Of course the character creation part will not be different from the original creation of the author. But with brilliant skill effects, the aniem episodes will not be as prominent as this mobile game.

Download Inuyasha – The Awakening Story APK

Overall, the game offers familiar role-playing gameplay, along with a unique content. This game’s gameplay is developed quite similar to other adapted games from mana. Normally, manga-based games were developed by Bandai Namco, but this time it was developed by Hammer Entertainment. Currently Inuyasha – The Awakening Story has a Korean interface and is about to open in Japan (there will be more Japanese). Interested readers can register at the Japanese server from January 27 to February 9. It is highly likely that this game will be released in an international version with English language in the future. We will update the Hammer Entertainment download link as soon as possible. We wait for it.

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