Jetpack Jump MOD APK v1.3.3 (Unlimited Money, No Ads) - Download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Kwalee
  • OS Android
  • Size 80M
  • Version 1.3.3
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money, NO ADS
  • Get it on Google Play


Jetpack Jump is the latest product of Kwalee developer. As you may not know, Kwalee is a recently emerging game company with simple entertainment titles but you will be addicted to playing those games. This British game company has achieved remarkable achievements only with regular games. This Jetpack Jump game was released in early June for the mobile platform. Like the games Kwalee has released before, this game is still quite light at just 66MB, so it doesn’t take up space on your gaming device.

Jump far to explore new places

Jetpack Jump’s gameplay has been developed as simple as possible, without a plot and only a single game mode. Join the game, your only task is to simply control a character that jumps as far as possible. During the journey experience you just jumping and excursions to beautiful places in the game. This is a game without stops, you will try to make the jump as far as possible, try to break your own records. You will feel satisfaction every time you break your own record and discover new places.

The score will be calculated by the distance you gain in each jump, the farther you jump, the more money you will receive. After each jump you will get some money, but if the new jump is shorter than the previous jump, you get less coins. Try to collect as many coins as possible.

To make long jumps, tap to Jump on the label and fly to the sky, making sure you use all jetpack fuel to go as far as possible. So what do you do to make more jumps? That is you have to upgrade the jetpack and the running speed of the character. To be able to upgrade these elements, you need to use coins. This amount you can collect during the game experience. However, every time you receive coins, it is not much, so you have to play more games to make speed upgrades, jetpack for the game.

Images and sounds

Jetpack Jump game was developed with an eye-catching graphics platform, although every design in the game is in a fairly simple model. Even the main characters of the game or landscapes are simply designed, but stand out with vibrant colors. You will be adventurous through many different places to explore, with beautiful scenes like lakes, rivers, mountains and villages. The sound in the game is also very easy to listen to, giving you the feeling of the best experience.

MOD features

  • Unlimited Coins: You can unleash speed and jetpack for your character, to make better jumps.
  • No Ads: Remove ads completely free. Usually you have to spend money to buy VIP packages to remove advertisements from developers, but with the Jetpack Jump MOD version, it is completely free.

Download Jetpack Jump MOD APK

A great game for you for entertainment purposes, completely free and does not require your skills or thinking. Feel the satisfaction with the jumps further. You can play with your friends to see who can get better results, it will be interesting! The following is the link to download Jetpack Jump MOD game for you!

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