Kick-Flight MOD APK v1.9.0 (God Mode) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Grenge
  • OS Android
  • Size 77M
  • Version 1.9.0
  • MOD Features No Skill CD
  • Get it on Google Play


Kick Flight MOD APK is a new role-playing action game released by Grenge. The game was just launched on Google Play a few days ago, it’s free to download. Accordingly, the game is designed in a vertical screen style. With bright manga graphics in a modern context, future science and technology, the game quickly attracted the attention of a large number of players. Below, we introduce a little about the game for readers to refer. Then there will be the download of the totally free Kick-Flight MOD APK game for you.

New action play

Join the game, you will be put into a wide arena surrounded by a layer of protective screen. When you first learn to play the game, you need to learn how to control the game. You can move on the ground as usual, and you can let the character fly overhead by double tapping the screen. While flying, you can increase the speed of flight or click left, right, back and forth to dodge, … even stand in space without falling.

Kick-Flight brings quite new battle rules. The match in the game will take place in 4vs4 format in real time. So you need to find 3 more players to form a team and fight other players. In the game, you will have the task of collecting gems, bringing energy to the sphere in your area. Meanwhile, rivals are also looking to increase their sphere power. So you also have to find a way to prevent the opponent from doing it. You and the players on the team will have to have a reasonable strategy, working together in the battle to win.

The game brings a very diverse character system to choose from. This character system not only creates beautiful images, many styles but also a variety of combat capabilities. Each character has their own set of skills with unique effects. In addition, you can foster character strength, change skills depending on the development direction you choose. Each character can develop in many aspects such as attack, healing, buff, … The skills are also divided quality and can be upgraded to increase the ability to bring advantages.

Regarding the control system, the game is designed quite simply, suitable for dynamic devices. All operations are pressing, touching, gliding on the touch screen, very suitable for mobile games. Each character will be like a jet mounted on the foot.

Beautiful but complex images

Kick-Flight Game is designed with impressive 3D graphics, showing sharp. Part shaping for the character system is also quite impressive completion. The characters in the game are all designed in an impressive cartoon style. The skill effects are made up of extremely eye-catching effects that bring about stunning matches. With the feature that allows the character to fly in the air thanks to the jet, you can admire the 3D environment in the game.

However, some of the design makes the game’s image confused. In the main screen as well as the screen when playing, there are too many options. That makes it impossible to see the surrounding environment as a whole. This is a minus of this game that we don’t like. Perhaps because the game is designed with vertical screen, the visibility is not as good as the vertical screen game.

MOD Info

Download Kick-Flight MOD APK

Through the assessment above, we see that this is a game with an interesting gameplay. However, the beautiful image of the game is not enough to bring the best experience because the design is not as reasonable as we mentioned above. If you like the vertical screen game genre, perhaps you will be familiar with such visual style and this will be a game that suits you very well. Anyway, Kick-Flight is still an attractive game that you should try.

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