Knock'em All MOD APK v1.8 (Unlocked All, No Ads) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Voodoo
  • OS Android
  • Size 40M
  • Version 1.8
  • MOD Features No Ads, Unlcoked All
  • Get it on Google Play


Just recently, Voodoo continues to bring you a new addictive game. It’s called Knock’em All, an entertaining game in the action genre. The game was just released a few days ago. It’s no surprise that this game received over 1 million downloads after just 4 days of launch. Along with that, there are tens of thousands of raiting players downloaded from Google Play. The number of downloads and raiting has been constantly increasing in recent days. Here, we will introduce you how to play the game. Lastly, we provide the download link for Knock’em All MOD APK, or the original version from Google Play.

Fight and rescue hostages

In Knock’em All, you will not play any character. You only control a gun and fight. Your only task is to rescue the hostages being captured by robots on high buildings. You will use your gun to move on the roofs, destroy the robots to rescue the hostages. You will go through many levels with interesting challenges. Each level, you will have to defeat the entire robot before you can pass and play the next level. If you shoot the hostage by mistake, you will have to replay that level from the beginning.

Specifically, in each level will appear many robots and you use a gun to shoot at them. The gun you use only shoots out the balls, you just need to shoot the enemies falling off the roof. The gun will automatically move to different buildings to shoot at enemies. To shoot, you just need to touch the enemy, the plastic bullet will shoot to the point you just touched. You can shoot multiple bullets continuously to knock down the robot. In this game, you can shoot unlimited number of bullets. What you need to do is to quickly defeat the robots.

The later, the more difficult the level. At that time, you will face more robots, and they are stronger. So you will be hard to beat them. One way for you to take down them quickly is to unlock new guns. In addition, there is a way to help you win faster. That is to shoot bullets at the head of the robot, they will be destroyed faster Keep shooting plastic bullets at their heads!

Unlock gun

In addition to the original gun you used, you can also choose new types of guns. Currently, the game does not have many types of guns, there are nearly 10 types for you to unlock. New types of guns will have different firing capabilities. Some shoot faster, some sometimes fire, even firing multiple bullets at a single shot. If you can unlock high-end guns, you will complete that level faster. However, guns that shoot out more bullets will be able to hit hostages. So you need to be very skillful in shooting.

MOD information

  • Unlocked All: Unlock all guns for your choice. You just need to press right to choose the type of gun you like
  • No Ads: Ads have been removed completely free

Download Knock’em All MOD APK

Voodoo continues to bring a really interesting addictive game. It does not require too much on your gaming skills. You can complete the levels easily. Because this gameplay is only entertaining, creating satisfaction for you every time you defeat an enemy. Immediately following will be the link to download the game Knock’em All MOD APK, you just need to download and experience!

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