LEGO Cube APK v0.2.12 by Tencent - download for Android

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  • Publisher Tencent
  • OS Android
  • Size 613MB
  • Version 0.2.12
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LEGO Cube is an open-world sanbox game created entirely from toy blocks, which is a fruitful collaboration between LEGO company and Tencent Games. This game is developed and operated by Tencent Games, the world’s largest player in the entertainment industry. They own a huge number of games and any game they release will receive the love of players all over the world.

As the name implies, you can easily see the theme of the popular LEGO-developed game of founder Ole Kirk Christiansen. And developer Tencent has received the official license under the LEGO Group license – a company that produces familiar cube game products. Accordingly, LEGO Cube will be a world-class sanbox game that expands the style of Mojang’s famous Minecraft game. Let’s go to MODCosy to find out if this game has something interesting and whether it will bring a new experience to the entertainment market in the near future.

Image design

In terms of design it is easy to see that Tencent has taken ideas from Minecraft to create their own LEGO Cube from the interface, to the exterior design context. Therefore, those who are familiar with normal construction game genre will definitely be able to experience the game without spending much time getting used to. Still will be the square image style with high quality 3D images. Therefore, LEGO Cube game will bring a better experience than other games of the same genre, such as Minecraft. As for creating LEGO images, you will see familiar characters that you have played in real-life LEGO games, which are even more beautiful thanks to 3D image quality.


LEGO Cube is built as a real ‘living’ world with day and night cycles, weather, changing lips temperature and a variety of things like water, resources, forests … developed by time. time. Participating in this game, you will enter a lively world and build all the works around yourself just by collecting materials. This is a pretty familiar gameplay, but it will have many new features for you to explore.

When playing games, you are not bound by the rules of traditional games. The game will not bring you to play according to a certain plot or to complete quests that allow you to be creative and play your own style. So you can be creative to create your own massive works and let your friends admire. Remember the creativity is the core of the game, your imagination is without limits, so the game will never stop or be boring.

LEGO Cube provides an imaginative, creative and safe digital gaming experience and encourages players to discover, create and learn in safe open-end games, leading to endless possibilities. Accordingly, you must use the capabilities such as design and construction to create a whole world of shapes for yourself. This game will also stimulate creativity and design for you.

Download LEGO Cube APK

With attractive gameplay quite similar to Minecraft and familiar LEGO image style, LEGO Cube will definitely be a great game in the future. Moreover it was developed and released by Mr. Tencent, so this game will quickly receive the attention of players worldwide. And we can be assured of the quality of the game that Tencent offers. The following is the LEGO Cube APK link for you to try, we will update the link to download the official version as soon as possible to the reader. Please wait!

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