Download Mad GunZ MOD APK v2.1.4 (Unlimited Ammo) for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Full HP
  • OS Android
  • Size 67M
  • Version 2.1.4
  • MOD Features Unlimited Ammo
  • Get it on Google Play


Review Mad GunZ – Exciting shooter with Pixel graphics

Mad GunZ is an extremely attractive task game released by Full HP. This game has been introduced since 2017 but it wasn’t until early 2019 that the new official version was released, giving the gaming community a really attractive game with a unique visual style. With more than 5 million downloads along with over 160 thousand positive reviews from players, Mad GunZ is still favored by many gamers. Go with MODCosy to find out what the game is about and how to download the Mad GunZ MOD game version APK.


Just entering the game, you are sleeping in a house and awakened by a cat, then you are taken to a whole new world. Here you will have to fight with lots of enemies to survive here. But this battle is not fierce and gore, instead you will use strange guns and bullets that are also very funny so the game is entertaining, not as stressful as other shooting games.

Entering the battle, you will choose to give your character the weapons to start the exciting battle. Your enemies are diverse, it can be other players or zombies, even crazy chickens and crazy octopus. You will confront other players through real-time battles. You can defeat your opponent with just a giant lollipop, a bag, or a magic wand.

The control mechanism of Mad GunZ game is quite simple and you can easily get used to it. Virtual key system is arranged on both sides neatly, the left key group is used for moving while the right side is for actions such as jumping, shooting, throwing grenades …. right in the middle of the screen is a bar that displays the blood and the bar that shows your equipment with all weapons lined up so you can quickly change it in the match.

Unique weapons system

Referring to in-game weapons, Mad GunZ game gives you an extremely diverse and unique weapon system, you have never seen in any other game. You will be provided with a multitude of things from cool down like swords to normal guns. Not only that, you also have high-end but weird weapons like tailing a cat so that it can fire lasers or even pikachu discharge grenades. In addition to the aforementioned weapons, you are also introduced to a myriad of power ups that are hidden in the game screen to help you in critical situations like instant teleport, blood, or some heavy weapons. These power ups will appear randomly so you should not depend on it.

Pixel style graphics

As mentioned above, Mad GunZ game brings fun entertainment and not violence or gore, so the game’s graphics are also designed to be unique and funny. Thereby, Mad GunZ was developed with a square-style 2D graphics, made up of pixels. The system of characters, weapons or landscapes in the game are designed quite simply. Looking at it, you will see the game’s image is very similar to the famous MineCraft game, but the game of Mad GunZ has a more prominent color.

Download Mad GunZ MOD APK

In general this is a first person shooter title really interesting, gives you the feeling of comfortable and relaxed experience, not even asking for a lot of tactics or skills from you. Download the Mad GunZ MOD game game, you will be able to play the game with unlimited Ammo features, you can unleash the battle with your opponent without worrying about ammo. The game download link is located below, just click to download the game.

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