Mafia City MOD APK v1.3.921 (Unlimited Money) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher YouttaGames
  • OS Android
  • Size 77M
  • Version 1.3.921
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money
  • Get it on Google Play


Mafia City MOD APK is a strategy mobile game about the criminal underworld, giving you an extremely interesting experience. This is not a new game, it was released by YottaGames a long time ago. Until now, the game is known by many players and has achieved more than 10 million downloads (Google Play). The reason this game has been popular all the time is because it is constantly adding new content and features. So Mafia City is getting better and better.

This game is highly appreciated for its gameplay as well as graphics. The war between Mafia gangs, building bases, and using tactical thinking to defeat other gangs, … all that interesting things are waiting for you. Learn a little about the game before downloading from the link at the end of this article. We will bring you a Mafia City MOD APK version with Unlimited Money feature.

Tactical gameplay

Normally other mafia games are pure role-playing games, but Mafia City is an extremely unique strategy game. Join the game, you will be adventure in a city full of mafia is doing the jobs you have never done in real life. Your task in this game is to form a gang, take part in raids, seizures and purges between gangs. You must find every way to implement your ploy and compete for supreme position King of Mafia. Mafia City is a hardcore game genre that allows you to dive into mafia life. With unique storyline, you will dive into the mafia world, gradually you will be addicted by this game.

In this game, you can do whatever you like. Robbing banks, forming alliances with other players and fighting together to take over the City and Mafia World. There will be interesting activities such as racing with the police, dating beautiful girls, … Many interesting stories are waiting for you to discover in this great game!

Advanced graphics technology

To attract players, not only Mafia City games have attractive gameplay, but it also has beautiful graphics. Accordingly, the game is designed with a graphics background with 3D Unity technology that gives Mafia City great picture quality. A large city with extremely detailed displays, from high-rise buildings, shops, trees, street lights, traffic signs, etc., all appeared extremely real. Features like zoom in, zoom out, 360-degree rotation with beautiful images giving you an experience of an almost realistic world. Sound and effects in the game are also very special. Thereby, you will have an extremely true experience.

Outstanding features of Mafia City

  • Accompany teammates side by side and fight with all enemies
  • Search and set up potential talents
  • Fight for survival, if you don’t hit them, they’ll beat you
  • Regardless of the outside society, there is only brotherhood and loyalty
  • Go to everywhere gather juniors, rule everywhere
  • The mercenaries, they consider fighting to be their life
  • Various weapon systems from submachine guns, rifles for artillery and more.
  • The carrier is in charge of transporting tons of heavy locomotives, moving as fast as lightning, robbing and clearing everything
  • Move by many different means, easy to change
  • Date beautiful girls every day
  • Zoom feature, 360-degree rotation with beautiful images, almost virtual reality environment

New feature

  • Adding new high-class weapons
  • Royal city: Winners can name their opponents
  • New effects and sounds, make the game come alive

Download Mafia City MOD APK

Overall, Mafia City is a top-notch strategy action game, and the number of players has proven it. It is rated as one of the best mafia games for mobile. Immediately following will be the download link for you game. There will be an original from Google Play or you can choose our Mafia City MOD APK version to experience it.

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