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Review MARVEL Super War – NetEase’s latest MOBA super product

Marvel has achieved great success recently after the release of the blockbuster Avenger Endgame, bringing about outstanding revenue. It seems like the Marvel fever will stop after this movie, but recently they have just partnered with a game developer to create a mobile game with a very attractive Marvel theme. Accordingly, the game was developed by Mr. NetEase, the leading game market in the entertainment industry with a huge number of games. This is considered a perfect combination, between the two leading entertainment companies today is NetEƔe and Marvel.

NetEase received the image copyright directly from Marvel to develop a MOBA-style strategy game. Accordingly, the MARVEL Super War game will be developed with tactical gameplay, like current cult titles like LOL or Arena of Valor. It can be seen that NetEase is too smart to choose the most popular MOBA game in the entertainment market today and is suitable for Marvel’s superhero theme. Currently the game is in the process of testing, you want to experience can only download the APK file at the bottom of this article, the official version, has not been announced the specific launch schedule.

Character system

Usually other MOBA games will have to converge many characters in movies, comics or legends to build a diverse character system. But with MARVEL Super War, the game was developed based on Marvel’s cult brand, so it was created with an extremely diverse character system, in the Marvel universe. MARVEL Super War not only gathers superheroes on the righteous side but also superheroes from the Marvel universe into a top war. From Avengers and X-Men to Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man, players can choose their favorite characters to join the battle, using superpowers of heroes on the battlefield to win.

Accordingly each character in the game will possess unique skills, like their own fighting style in the movie version. In addition, the character can combine those skills into powerful combos, creating high efficiency in combat. For example, Deadpool can switch between close-range and long-range states to launch reasonable attacks, or the Black Panther with superior power can attack like a relentless machine. In addition, these characters will be able to overcome each other, bringing diversity in your gameplay.

Tactical gameplay MOBA style

MARVEL Super War APK is developed tactical MOBA gameplay, but it has many different features compared to other games of the same genre today, typically focusing on balanced gameplay. The system of complementary pearls in unusual MOBA games loses the winning balance by being replaced by MARVEL Super War with a new free buff system. So every player has the same ability to win, no character has a distinct advantage before the game takes place.

The tactical element of MARVEL Super War is based on the use of characters in a reasonable manner. As introduced, each character has their own strengths and weaknesses to overcome each other, so you need to rely on that to create your own fighting tactics. The tactic cannot be fixed but you must know how to reasonably change for each different enemy. Experience is also an important factor, you need time to play the game to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character in the game. The control interface in MARVEL Super War is also designed like other MOBA games, with no changes.

Graphics and sound

No MARVEL Super War APK is invested heavily in content, gameplay but also possesses a very impressive graphics, can create attraction for players at first sight. On the outside, the game is designed quite similar to other MOBA products. The most prominent is the character shaping, the character system is shaped exactly like the original image, more precisely these characters will be like Marvel animated version, but with 3D quality, the display will be more beautiful cartoons a lot. In addition, the visual effects of the characters’ skills are also greatly appreciated, as you can see in the ingame images in this article. Along with that is the background music, sound effects, character voiceover will make the game MARVEL Super War become more lively.

Download MARVEL Super War APK

Overall MARVEL Super War is a quality game that NetEase brings in this time. And this is really good news for Marvel fans when they can own superheroes and take them to fight. Currently MARVEL Super War is in the testing period, but it is unclear what the official launch date is. Note that this test is only for limited countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and India. But you can still play the game through our MARVEL Super War APK version below.

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