Mega Man X DiVE APK MOD v0.1.1 download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher CAPCOM TAIWAN
  • OS Android
  • Size 72M
  • Version 0.1.1
  • MOD Features Updating
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Mega Man X DiVE APK is the latest version of the Mega Man game franchise for many years. Mega Man is considered one of the most popular game brands of Capcom with many different versions. This new version is developed by Capcom Taiwan – a subsidiary of Capcom. Accordingly, it is released completely free for mobile platforms so that players can easily experience. Because today, the mobile gaming market has more potential than other gaming platforms.

Currently Mega Man X DiVE has been posted to Google Play as early access, and the version for iOS has not yet appeared. This game will take place in a digital world called Deep Log. This world contains all the Mega Man X games and the player’s memory, it’s you. Let’s find out what this game has compared to the previous Mega Man, and how to download the game to your device.


One day, an inexplicable error unexpectedly occurred during the Deep Deep Log event, which caused game data to be corrupted, with many stages and characters of the Mega Man X series being cluttered. Your task in the game is to enter this digital universe, prevent actions that damage and repair the data, bringing it right back to its order. This is no easy task, can you finish it or not?

Action play

The game offers main game modes such as Online Co-op mode, the mode that has never been seen in the Mega Man X series. This mode will allow you to fight with your friends anywhere on the world. In Battle mode in battle, you can train your favorite characters and control them to fight. You can choose to play real-time PvP mode under Figure 1vs1 or even 3vs3. In addition, the game also has exclusive features such as the function of Automatic Lock on the 360-degree Shooting game.

You will meet the familiar characters in Mega Man X, but in new and more attractive colors. And of course each character will have different powers and fighting abilities. Along with that is the indispensable weapon system such as buster, sword, machine gun and spray gun, .. and the game also adds a lot of other new weapons to choose from. With a diverse weapon system, you can easily defeat your opponents.

Images and sounds

In Mega Man X DiVE, all models and designs are repainted with sharp 3D image quality. All the classic characters in your memory will appear in the game’s completely new interface. You will be attracted by the new colors of familiar characters that have appeared in previous versions of Mega Man. The game rearranges the different stages for you to get a new experience. In addition to the upgraded image, each character will have their own voices and sounds to create their own accents.

Download Mega Man X DiVE APK

Mega Man X DiVE this new mobile version has been refreshed in both gameplay and image, but it retains the traditional features of the famous Mega Man game brand. So Mega Man fans can now experience a whole new game, right on their mobile devices. Currently the game has not been officially launched, interested readers can download the Early Access version below. Visit MODCosy to update the latest news about Mega Man X DiVE as well as the hottest games.

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