Mental Hospital VI APK v1.03.02d download free for Android

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  • Publisher AGaming+
  • OS Android
  • Size 683M
  • Version 1.04
  • MOD Features No
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Mental Hospital VI APK is the latest version in the famous Mental Hospital game series of the publisher AGaming +. If you do not know, Mental Hospital is a famous horror game series of this game company, which is loved by many players. It attracts players thanks to its captivating gameplay along with realistic 3D graphics, which brings a sense of extreme fear. This series has been released in seven versions. Including 4 major versions and two lites. And Mental Hospital VI is the sixth official version, just released on November 13 recently.

Introducing a little about the publisher, AGaming + is a quite famous mobile game company. They focus on developing into a game genre, which is horror game. In addition to the Mental Hospital game series, they also own another horror game series, Reporter (which has released two versions). Each of their horror games has a different content and experience. And of course, these games are not for those who are timid and fearful.

Unique storyline

In this game, you are immersed in a reporter of a small local newspaper. One day, your friend Ada announced a terrible news to you. It is the neighborhood of Santa Monica Mental Hospital where a lot of mystical stories are happening, which are of local interest. The people here have come to all the most famous psychic who come to learn this mysterious story. As a reporter, you cannot miss this unique opportunity. So, you decided to explore that place with your camcorder. You did not expect that you have made an extremely dangerous and scary decision. You witnessed the paranormal stories, scary monsters in that hospital area. Can you overcome your fear and unravel this story?

Graphics and sound

Not only creating horror and fear with the gameplay, but Mental Hospital VI also adds that feeling with images. It was developed with high-quality 3D graphics, resulting in extremely sharp images. Images in the game bring dark colors full of mysteries. Diverse monster system with detailed, mysterious formations. Add to that the light effects that appear vaguely, making you even more scared. Not stopping there, the sound effects combined with the background music will make you extremely scared. But you still can not stop because of curiosity and excitement from the game’s fascinating gameplay. Sometimes you will be startled by the sudden appearance of something, or a certain sound.

Main features of Mental Hospital VI

  • Lots of scary monsters, they are horribly shaped
  • A series of different challenges are waiting for you to conquer
  • A video camera allows you to see in the dark easier
  • Unique storyline with unexpected situations, you can not predict what will happen
  • Stunning images for mobile devices thanks to 3D graphics
  • Buy once and play free games without buying anything
  • Challenge your strong, brave ability in this perfect horror game

Download Mental Hospital VI APK

Overall, Mental Hospital VI still has the same familiar style as previous MH versions. The new point is that you will experience a whole new story, and the image is upgraded more beautifully. If you are a lover of horror games, you should not miss this game. We have another suggestion for you in the horror game genre is Granny Chapper Two.

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