Might & Magic: Chess Royale APK (MOD Unlocked) download for Android

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  • Publisher Ubisoft
  • OS Android
  • Size 307M
  • Version 2.1.0
  • MOD Features Updating
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Dignity chess game is a game genre that many players are interested in at the moment. And there are many game developers who are very interested in this trending topic. Since the appearance of Auto Chess mode on Dota 2, up to now, there are many games with this theme released. Including mobile games, even for PCs. Following that popularity, many popular titles also add this game mode to make it easier to reach players. In particular, the famous Might & Magic brand was also selected to develop this game genre.

Ubisoft developer is the company that brought the flag of dignity to the Might & Magic brand. Before that, they released another version, Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos. Accordingly, Might & Magic: Chess Royale will be the name Ubisoft has launched in the entertainment market in the near future. Currently, the game is in beta, allowing you to register in advance. It is expected that the game will be officially released in the next few weeks.

Strategic gameplay

Still fighting in the form of a chessboard, you will still be able to show your top strategy in Might & Magic: Chess Royale. You will be put into a closed arena and compete with other players by arranging your chess squad. The rounds will let players attack each other randomly and draw anyone who loses that round. At this point, players who leave their blood to zero will be excluded from the match.

In Might & Magic: Chess Royale, the pieces will also have a star level, a separate skill and a separate Job / Tribe effect when there are enough pieces on the table. Of course, you can arrange them arbitrarily on the chessboard your way to promote the best combat effect. However, the most special feature of the game Might & Magic: Chess Royale is to support up to 100 players at the same time.

Besides, in the match, besides the chess pieces that are trying to upload, you can also buy special equipment and magic with Gold to support a more perfect combat squad. From there the game opens up a different type of tactics, bringing its own nature.

Great experience with 3D graphics

Game Might & Magic: Chess Royale is heavily invested in visuals, bringing a beautiful game to mobile. Accordingly, the visual style of this game is quite similar to the previous Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos. You will meet characters familiar with the original formation as the previous section. But you will see new things, like a chessboard – also the arena of this game along with new visualizations. Skill effects are a plus point in the visuals. Each character in the game has its own unique skills, created from eye-catching lighting effects. At first glance, you will see the image of this game is quite similar to Tencent’s Chess Rush, except for the character system.

Download Might & Magic: Chess Royale APK

Overall, we value the gameplay of the game is quite attractive, is the current popular game. As for graphics, it is blended from the game Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos with the current dignity chess games. In summary, Might & Magic: Chess Royale is a fascinating strategy game promising in the future. Below will be a link for you to register in advance for this game. After the game is officially released, registered players will receive incentives and gifts from the developer.

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