Mobile Legends: Adventure MOD APK v1.1.45 (Unlimited Money)

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Perhaps you know the name Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – one of the most popular MOBA games on mobile platforms. This game is released by Moonton publisher and it is also their only product. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has received the popularity of gamers when gaining over 100 million installments with more than 12 ratings from download players (data on Google Play).

After the success with that MOBA game, Moonton game company continues to release more versions of this game with the new name Mobile Legends: Adventure. Accordingly, Mobile Legends: Adventure will be changed to play a strategy card game genre. This means Mobile Legends: Adventure will retain the same image style as the original, and change the MOBA gameplay to the general card. The game has just been released a few days ago, and is currently being enjoyed by many players. You can join a bit of the game through the review below, then the download link Mobile Legends: Adventure MOD APK for you.

General card strategy play

Participate in the game Mobile Legends: Adventure you will see familiar points like the previous MOBA version through a diverse character system. It is also quite understandable because both games are developed by a developer, they do so to make their brand more known. And the gameplay of the game is developed with tactical role-playing style, for you to collect heroes to enter a dramatic battle. One point that players love in this game is that when you are not online, the heroes still work as usual and you still get the resources needed for development.

In the game, you will have to collect heroes yourself, upgrade heroes and most importantly, create your own weapons for the character to use. You will join the familiar hero system from Bang Bang version to participate in the adventure, explore the vast world map with deep stories and play many different game modes. Just like the previous version, each hero takes on several different roles such as support, tanker, jungle, gunner, healing. And every game in the game will take about 10 minutes, not too fast nor too long for a strategy game.

In addition to the main game mode is PvP, you can also participate in many endless game modes such as campaigns, labyrinths, tower crossings, etc. Or confront giant bosses to earn their rare equipment. . Thereby helping to improve the fighting power of the squad to be ready to cope with more challenging challenges. However, BOSSs are not easily defeated, you need support from your teammates to be able to fight them. Guild mode will be the place where you and your players all over the world fight together.

Images and sounds

As mentioned above, Mobile Legends: Adventure is designed to look exactly like the previous version of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Still will be a high quality 3D graphics platform that delivers the sharpest display possible on mobile devices. Not only that, the system of characters is carefully remade, giving you a completely new experience. Overall, the image of Mobile Legends: Adventure is not much different from the previous version, but its quality is upgraded, giving a better experience. The sound system is also done very well, creating dramatic for the game matches.

Download Mobile Legends: Adventure MOD APK

Mobile Legends: Adventure has been refreshed in terms of gameplay and image compared to the previous Bang Bang version, so this is really a great game that you should not miss. We also provide you the version of Mobile Legends: Adventure MOD APK with unlimited money, the game download link is right below for you to choose.

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