Monster Hunter Riders APK v1.00.04 (MOD God Mode) download

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  • Publisher CAPCOM
  • OS Android
  • Size 39MB
  • Version 1.00.04
  • MOD Features God Mode, Menu
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Monster Hunter is one of Capcom’s most valuable franchises along with Resident Evil. They have released many different versions of Monster Hunter with the same theme. But every game has its own appeal, so many players are interested. Some time ago, CAPCOM introduced another mobile game version called Monster Hunter Riders. And until now, this new game was released on Google Play for players to download. However, this game is currently only released for the domestic market with the Japanese version.

Accordingly, Monster Hunter Riders is the second Monster Hunter mobile game released by Capcom in the past two years. Like the previous version, Monster Hunter Stories, the new version is still developed with role-playing style with anime image style. The game is free to download to play on both Android and iOS platforms. This new section is developed very attractive turn-based tactical role-playing game, along with funny and somewhat lovely graphics.

Traditional role-playing game

The story of the game also takes place entirely from the original background of the Ferujia continent, where it once suffered a catastrophic disaster. The ten brave knights and their dragons had saved the world, and since then, the kingdom where monsters and knights lived in harmony was formed. The people of the continent called them with the respectful name of “The Ten Great Dragon Riders”. You will become a commander, arbitrarily build your battle squad, use the right tactics and how to combine with Monster to win. On the official Twitter page of Monster Hunter Riders also posted the display of skills of monsters.

When entering the match, the main gameplay of this game is turn-based combat. Each turn, you can only use one action from the controller or Monstie. Skills include: basic attack, use of skills or items. You need to make a reasonable move with the tactics and the current situation. At the same time must prepare before the unexpected factors that occur in the top match. Monsters are also divided into different types and elements. For example: strength parameters, different skills, elemental counterattack. Therefore, each system has its own unique attacks that create different play styles. In addition to the basic gameplay, you also enjoy cutscenes so you don’t get bored playing the game.

Diverse character system

The game offers a very diverse character system. You will be able to freely collect famous monsters from this Monster Hunter brand. Fans of this series will recognize many familiar monsters from PC or console games like Rathalos, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, Anjanath and Beotodus. Not only that, CAPCOM has announced it will release more types of monsters after future updates.

MOD Info

  • God Mode
  • Mod Menu

Download Monster Hunter Riders APK (MOD God Mode)

We do not rate the game Monster Hunter Riders in terms of images. That’s because this new version is developed with beautiful 3D graphics but not much has changed from the previous Monster Hunter Stories version. But anyway, this is still an attractive role-playing game, a promising product in the coming time of CAPCOM. Currently, interested readers can only play the Monster Hunter Riders APK with Japanese version. The international version with English promises to be released soon. We will update that version as soon as possible so that you can easily play the game without language problems.

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