Mr Ninja - Slicey Puzzles MOD APK v2.9 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

  • App Details
  • Publisher Lion Studios
  • OS Android
  • Size 33M
  • Version 2.9
  • MOD Features No Ads, Money
  • Get it on Google Play


Surely you remember the game Mr. Bullet – Spy Puzzles cult of Lion Studios last time. This game has received hundreds of millions of downloads from Google Play. It was rated as one of the best addictive games of the past year. Recently, Lion Studio continued to release the next version of this game. It has a new name is Mr. Ninja – Slicey Puzzles.

Mr. Bullet, Mr. Ninja will be a great version, following the superhero Mr. Bullet of 2019. This game was released a few days ago, and of course completely free. Like the previous version, this game quickly became popular with many players. It received over 1 million downloads after just a few days of launch. Accordingly, you will experience the familiar puzzle play, but with new content and challenges.

Puzzle Gameplay

In this game, you no longer control a gunman, you will play the role of a professional ninja. With your sharp sword, you will have to defeat all your enemies. Your enemies will be spies, pirates and zombies … In each level, you will have to defeat all enemies, in any way. You can slash them directly, or take advantage of the surrounding objects to crush them. After you destroy all enemies, you will move on to the next level.

The difficulty of the game is that obstacles or enemies cannot be attacked. Therefore, you need to take advantage of the same obstacles to destroy them. Think of every way, every item that appears in the game has its effect. The later, the enemy will become smarter and will block your attacks. Use your wits to solve puzzles. Collecting new weapons, upgrading equipment systems is a way for you to solve difficult levels.

Main features

Destroy all

Mister Ninja – a true ninja with infinite abilities. Not only the sword, he can also destroy everything thanks to his intelligence. You need to take down the enemy from all objects, not simply slash the enemy directly. Anyone, from spies, zombies to pirates, all of you are defeated!

Endless amount of missions

The game brings a lot of levels for you to conquer. Each level will have a unique challenge and difficulty, requiring you to think. A series of difficult tasks are waiting for you to conquer in Mr Ninja – Slicey Puzzles. Not only that, the game also regularly adds new content such as new puzzles, new levels, and new weapons. Therefore, you can experience the game with endless missions.

Attractive Puzzler physics

The only way to solve the puzzles in the game is intelligence. Also need agility. Speed, time, and patience are all you will need to become a Zennist ninja master. You need to rely on real physics to make attacks on enemies. Drop rocks, or knock enemies down.

Download Mr Ninja – Slicey Puzzles MOD APK

You will experience the new and familiar puzzle game in this Mr. Ninja game – Slicey Puzzles. Defeat them all, conquer every mission in the game to become a Ninja master. As for the game’s image, we did not introduce it because it is not much different from Mr. Bullet version. Immediately following will be the link to download the game Mr. Ninja – Slicey Puzzles MOD APK for you to download.

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