Musixmatch MOD APK v7.6.0 (Premium Unlocked) download for Android

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  • Publisher Musixmatch
  • OS Android
  • Size 18M
  • Version 7.6.0
  • MOD Features Premium Unlocked
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Listening to music is an essential form of entertainment for each of us. Currently, most users listen to music on mobile devices. Therefore, the applications for listening to music and applications that support playing better music were released a lot. Regarding music applications, we can mention names such as Spotify, Deezer Music, … As for the music support tool, certainly must mention Musixmatch – the application released by Musixmatch.

Musixmatch is a music application with modern lyrics, with a series of unique features. Sometimes, you happen to hear a song on the radio or a song included in a clip on social networks without knowing the name of the song. It really makes you unhappy, because you like that song and can’t find it. But with Musixmatch, you can find every song you hear in different ways. Let’s find out what this Musixmatch app has interesting through the article below.

Great support tool for playing your music

About the lyrics available in the system, Musixmatch currently has more than 7 million lyrics in 30 different languages. With this huge number, you can easily search for any of your favorite songs. However, there are no absolute results, there will be songs without words in this application, because the system cannot update all songs worldwide. But the hottest songs or the latest hits from popular artists will undoubtedly be in Musixmatch.

Every time we listen to music, we can listen to foreign songs, and of course not everyone knows many languages. But with Musixmatch, you can easily listen to music while displaying the lyrics. Thanks to that, you can easily learn how to sing along to your favorite song. A special feature is that this application can play music with clear lyrics in many different ways. For example, upload a song on your device, play music through Spotify or Youtube. This is really a great feature, and this feature is popular with users.

Another great feature is searching for songs without your name. It gives you two ways to find songs you feel familiar with or find great without knowing the name. One way is to record the music you hear from any source, Musixmatch will find the song title for you. The second way is that you can search by entering related keywords, such as a sentence in the lyrics you hear. These two ways give fast results and high success rates.

The main feature of Musixmatch

  • Listen to all your songs with clear lyrics
  • The FloatingLyrics feature helps you view lyrics even while listening to music on Spotify
  • Search for the lyrics of any song you want and play music from YouTube or Spotify
  • Search for a song by entering the keyword you remember
  • Find a song by listening to any piece of music. You can let the system listen to that piece of music anywhere to find the name of the song
  • Play music and watch lyrics on TV via Chromecast
  • Sleep timer mode options and Equalizer
  • Easily create and share Lyrics Quote with LyricsCard feature
  • Automatically add descriptions and add album covers
  • Support Android Wear and Android TV

Latest feature

  • Use the smart search feature to find the lyrics you like
  • With LyricsCard feature. You can share your lyrics with beautiful wallpaper
  • Watch Youtube in full screen mode to see the FloatingLyrics integrated into the video
  • Start, pause, skip songs from the lock screen
  • The system notifies the latest songs from your favorite singers
  • Find your favorite songs based on your interests
  • Put your found songs into a playlist on Spotify
  • Find information and cover art for your songs

Download Musixmatch MOD APK

If you are a music enthusiast, Musixmatch will be an indispensable tool on your phone. No need for further evaluation, we are enough to confirm how great this app is. Hundreds of millions of users have proven that. And here is the link to download the Musixmatch MOD APK app for you. With this special edition, you will experience all the best features of Musixmatch.

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