Download My City: Pajama Party APK Free v2.4.0 for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher My Town Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 79M
  • Version 2.4.0
  • MOD Features No
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My Town Games is an educational game for kids, offering extremely rewarding simulation games. The game’s publishers not only bring education to children, help them get used to life in real life by playing games but also entertaining for anyone playing games. Recently, the game continues to release a new version in the My City educational game series, called My City: Pajama Party. In this latest section, the kids will be free to organize an exciting sleep party at will and anywhere. Children can create fun parties themselves and invite their friends to join.

Create party with your children everywhere

In the game My City: Pajama Party baby will be provided everything you need to organize a perfect sleeping party, all those things are in the store, so she can learn how to buy and sell stars for reasonable. Not only the food, drinks and pajamas but the players also buy colorful bouquets at the store, bringing a sense of joy and creating an exciting party atmosphere. It’s great when your kid can create his own party and invite lots of friends to have fun. There will be popcorn, soft drinks, snacks and cheerful music at the party that will create excitement.

Play games together

Game My City: Pajama Party allows children to interact with each other easily, maybe even to another house in the city to hold a party. And your main activity place for your baby will be a large house with lots of diverse function rooms such as living room, dining room, kitchen and large bedroom – a perfect place for your baby pajamas party. . Not only can you transfer the party venue, but you can also transfer your home furnishings to the place where you want the party.

Main features of the game My City: Pajama Party

  • 6 interesting places for children to explore such as: Friends’ houses, flower shops, food trucks, sleep shops, …
  • 20 cute characters for your baby to be friends, which are all familiar characters that appeared in the previously released My City game series.
  • Many locations, each location will have many different objects for children to explore and learn
  • In addition to the familiar characters that appeared in the My City series, there are many new characters as well
  • My City: Pajama Party is connected to all games of My City series such as locations, items and characters
  • Customize your baby’s house with store-bought items
  • A completely fun gameplay and without any pressure on young children
  • There are no ads or purchases in the game, giving your baby a healthy experience

Download My City: Pajama Party APK Free

Overall My City: Pajama Party still carries the familiar simulation-style play style similar to previous versions of My City, but each new version is a different topic, for children to learn life in a way most effective by playing games. This is a wasted game, you need to spend $ 0.99 to buy it on Google Play, but you can easily download the game for your kids thanks to the My City: Pajama Party APK Free version below. we.

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