My City: Wedding Party APK v1.0.0 (MOD Full) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher My Town Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 85M
  • Version 1.0.0
  • MOD Features MOD Full
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The popular My City game series of My Town Games continues to launch the latest section called My City: Wedding Party. As we introduced in the previous article, the series will develop according to the maturity process of the characters in the game. You experience their life as children, until growing up. And this latest version, the children have grown and reached the age of marriage.

Accordingly, this version of My City: Wedding Party is the 16th part, has just been released on February 19 recently. As usual, it is still sold for about 1 dollar. You will continue to experience the lives of those children, in a new content. Here, we introduce the new features as well as the main features of this game. After that, we provide the link to download the game My City: Wedding Party APK for you to easily download.

Happy wedding party in My City

As mentioned above, the children in the game have matured and can get married. Your task in this game is to prepare for a perfect riding ceremony with a hearty feast. Make a detailed plan for this memorable wedding, you need to guide your children on these tasks. You have to do the familiar tasks of a wedding such as bridal makeup, wedding cake decorating, inviting your friends or relatives to attend the wedding.

Everything is prepared, you just need to choose appropriately. The first party will be a hearty and polite wedding. After that, you can still create a crazy fun party by the beach. Every rule is created by you, because this is your wedding.

Game My City: Wedding Party can be considered as a full doll house for your children. In it you can touch and interact with almost any object you see. With fun characters and well-designed locations, kids can create and develop their own stories.

The main features of the game

  • 8 new places for you and your kids to continue the journey of discovery
  • Perfect the memorable wedding party in your life
  • Continue to have fun with the beach party
  • There is a haunted Office Escape Room for you to play 30 mysterious puzzles
  • Discover the mystery of the mad scientist in a haunted room
  • More than 20 different characters appear in the My City series
  • Play comfortable, educational and entertaining games for children, including adults
  • Playing games without ads appear bothering you
  • This version is still connected to all previous My City sections

Download My City: Wedding Party APK

My City: Wedding Party continues to be an extremely interesting and useful part for children who love My City. Even adults have shown great interest in this series. Therefore, every time a new part is released, this game is crowded by players. Here is the link to download the game My City: Wedding Party APK for you.

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