My Mermaid Girlfriend MOD APK v2.0.6 (Free Premium Choice) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Genius Studio
  • OS Android
  • Size 39M
  • Version 2.0.6
  • MOD Features Free Premium Choice
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My Mermaid Girlfriend MOD APK is a love simulation game, for you to enjoy virtual love stories. This is a new version of Genius Studio’s love simulation series. Coming to the game, you will surely experience an extremely interesting and meaningful story about love. If you are a lonely person, please download the game My Mermaid Girlfriend to have a beautiful love through this game.

Your unique story

You are a student at a high school. And you like your classmate, named Isla. The guy she likes is a good swimming guy. So you tried to express yourself by swimming at the beach, in front of her. But when you are accidentally swept away by a big wave, you try to call for help. But when you wake up, you see three girls arguing, Isla and the other two girls. Those two girls are not human, they have jellyfish hats on their heads and tails. You are scared and decide to flee with Ilsa. But unfortunately, both fell into the water and it was crazier that Ilsa had been turned into a mermaid. And you start a troublesome story with these unusual girls.

The main character system

Isla, who you love is the only daughter of the King Merfolk, a princess. She was brought to the land by her father to infiltrate the human race for the purpose of understanding and not malice. She doesn’t like people, but she always treats people well because of the duties her father has assigned. She seems a bit stressed about this situation, and she shows you yourself …

And Pearl is a jellyfish and is Isla’s maid. In contrast to Ilsa, she loves people and wants to get to know people. She is a rather clumsy maid who often spoils Ilsa’s work. Because of that, she wanted to prove herself to both Isla and the others. And she decided to prove it by following Isla to the human world.

Finally, Delta is a killer whale and Isla’s bodyguard. This is a very mature and personality girl. Originally a quiet person, but when she was near Princess Ilsa, she couldn’t be herself. And when she came to the human world, she had very different thoughts.

Simple 2D graphics

Like the previous love simulation games of Genius Studios, My Mermaid Girlfriend is still equipped with 2D graphics in a fairly simple style. Most images of the characters in the game appear as static, not much expression. Because the game focuses only on the content aspect, through conversations between you and the characters in the game. The only impression of this game is just the appearance of three pretty and eye-catching girls.

Download My Mermaid Girlfriend MOD APK

My Mermaid Girlfriend continues to be an attractive love simulation game released by Genius Studios. It brings a new story and content for you to discover on your own. In addition, you can also try other similar games like My Zombie Girlfriend, My Ninja Girlfriend, My Crazy High School Romcom !. And the following will be the link to download the game My Mermaid Girlfriend MOD APK for you.

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