Mystery of Fortune 3 MOD APK v1.14.2 (Unlimited Diamonds) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Dotomchi Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 184M
  • Version 1.14.2
  • MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
  • Get it on Google Play


Mystery of Fortune is a popular series of RPGs released by Dotomchi Games. The brand of the game was released in two previous versions, with a free version and a second version for a fee. In it, the version of Mystery of Fortune 2 is much loved by many players, although it is a wasteful game. And recently, Dotomchi continues to release the sequel of this role-playing game series.

In mid-July, Mystery of Fortune 3 was released for the mobile platform at a much larger rate than the second version, at $ 3.99 compared to $ 0.99. So what is the latest game in the game? Can players get support for that price? Let’s find out through the article below. After the evaluation, we will bring you a Mystery of Fortune 3 MOD APK version, you will definitely need it.

Familiar gameplay combines new features

Still familiar role-playing game, when participating in Mystery of Fortune 3, you will play the role of an adventurous team exploring dungeons and confronting giant monsters and bosses. You will select the hero and join a team of 5 people to participate in the battle of the game, which takes place completely automatically. However, the deciding factor of victory still depends on you, you will come up with some important things such as choosing heroes to replace when needed, choosing items and importantly building reasonable strategies.

Using the game to control the familiar team, the game will bring a lot of strategic choices so you can macro your heroes. While exploring the dungeons of Mystery of Fortune 3, you will have the opportunity to find hidden treasure boxes or some new heroes. When rescued, they will become part of the squad and can be substituted for the main line at any time. However, you must pay close attention to the heroes in the squad before the opponent because only the team that is completely destroyed is game over and you have to play again from the beginning. In general, the gameplay of this new version does not have much change, but the new features you can play the game yourself to explore it.

MOD features

  • Download it for free with APK file (You need to uninstall the original to install APK file)
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Requires root: No

Download Mystery of Fortune 3 MOD APK

Overall, the latest version of Mystery of Fortune 3 still inherits the most outstanding features in the two previous versions, and also adds new features to not be boring for players. So this is probably an interesting game that many players are interested in. Here you can download Mystery of Fortune 3 MOD APK games completely free. Otherwise you can choose the original from Google Play for a price of $ 3.99.

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