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  • Publisher Tencent
  • OS Android
  • Size 100MB
  • Version 1.0
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Naruto Online Mobile – Promising Game of Bandai Namco and Tencent in 2019

Like Dragon Ball, Naruto is also a famous worldwide comic book brand from Japan. The content of this comic has been chosen many times to develop other forms of entertainment such as cartoons, movies, online games, etc. Naruto is interested in many game developers to develop for Our products. The reason that many developers want to use Naruto to develop the game is because the brand is so popular that when the game is released it will get more attention, especially those who love this comic. Recently, a mobile game was released as Naruto Online Mobile, which is of special interest to the gaming community.

Accordingly, Naruto Online Mobile is a new product that is combined between the two leading game companies in the world today, Bandai Namco (from Japan) along with Tencent (grandfather from China). These are both well-known game companies with many popular titles that are popular all over the world, so Naruto Online Mobile will definitely be a prominent game in the future. Not to mention the gameplay of Naruto Online Mobile is appealing, only with the attraction of the attractive Naruto content and the reputation of two big Bandai Namco and Tencent. Naruto Online Mobile game is available on the AppStore for iOS devices, while the version for Android is still unknown. But you can refer to the highlights of gameplay and graphics of Naruto Online Mobile game through the article below.

Role-playing game developed based on Naruto manga

The developer will rely on the original Naruto comic book to develop the role-playing game with very familiar characters. You can be completely safe about copyright issues because Naruto Online Mobile has received the official copyright of this comic owner. The game adheres to the plot of the comic to develop, the system of characters of the game is still retained in both shaping as well as the skills that carry the brand of each character.

Game Naruto Online Mobile brings role-playing gameplay in turn. Starting the game you will choose for yourself a character, then join the team to participate in the battle. Just like other turn-based games, the characters in the game will automatically fight, your task is to choose the character’s moves properly. And the most important thing is still the strategy from your control. The strategy you need to build before entering the game and in the game also need to change tactics to match the situation. In addition, you can combine your character’s skills to create a powerful combo.

3D graphics, familiar images

As soon as you enter the matches in Naruto Online Mobile game, you will feel like you are watching Naruto animation with completely new content. Because the image quality in the game is high-quality 3D, it brings a sharp and eye-catching image as much as the cartoon size, even more beautiful. You can easily see the eye-catching effects designed for the character’s skills through the trailer images below, which are all familiar moves of the characters in Naruto.


Naruto Online Mobile owns excellent content from the very famous comic book of the same name, attractive turn-based role-playing game and sharp 3D graphics, so we can confirm that this game will definitely collect attracted a lot of players when launching. It is unclear what specific release date information is, we will update the latest news about Naruto Online Mobile to readers. Let’s see!

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