Naughty Kingdom MOD APK v1.11.1 (Unlimited Money) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher 3x Entertainment
  • OS Android
  • Size 72MB
  • Version 1.11.1
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money
  • Get it on Google Play


Naughty Kingdom MOD APK is an attractive strategy game released on Nutaku platform. It was developed by 3X Entertainment, the developer who created the hit game like Booty Calls. Accordingly, Naughty Kingdom was released for the Nutaku platform a long time ago, enjoyed by many players. And of course, this game is not available on Google Play or AppStore so you can only download our APK file to play.

The story of the Naughty Kingdom

The Queen’s Kingdom is in danger. One of the Queen’s Virgin Guard, Lycia, was dispatched to find the only man who could save the Queen and her kingdom. A mighty hero. Friend! Join Lycia on a wonderful and exciting adventure! Save big and horny girls from terrible monsters! Expand your Harem to please your sexual needs to continue fighting for what is right and save the Naughty Kingdom!

Attractive gameplay

You are a hero with a large harem, so you need to have many girls to serve you. Please rescue the beautiful girls who are in trouble. When the rescue is successful, they will submit to you unconditionally. Thanks to that, your harem increasingly more interesting with many different girls.

Naughty Kingdom game is developed with strategic gameplay combined with puzzles. In terms of combat, you will control your main character to participate in fun battles and solve puzzles. To be able to face difficult battles, you need to upgrade your character’s skills. The enemies will become stronger and stronger, so the character and skill upgrades cannot be stopped. These puzzles require your intelligence and subtlety.

As for affection and dating, Naughty Kingdom is still created like other Nutaku games. Complete the main tasks of the game to get what you want. You will relive the hottest moments of the adventure with this unique image collection. Then you get hot pictures, even sexy videos from girls in the harem.

Once you have the girls, you have to level them up. How to level up characters in Naughty Kingdom is different from other games of the same genre. You just need to talk to the girls and give them presents. They will enjoy it and give your gallery more awesome images.

Main features

  • Experience a strategic gameplay combined with engaging puzzles
  • Collect beautiful girls into your harem
  • Constantly level up your character as well as the girls in your harem
  • Collect stunning images for your photo gallery
  • Enjoy the sexy videos, you will definitely enjoy
  • Stunning images with only 2D graphics

Stunning image

So far, Nutaku games have always stood out with eye-catching images. And so is this Naughty Kingdom game. Although only developed with 2D graphics, Naughty Kingdom is still loved by beautiful images. Because the character system in the game is extremely beautiful, in the form of 3D images. Each character has its own characteristics of appearance as well as costumes. The design in the game is extremely detailed, giving the image as vivid as the 3D games.

Download Naughty Kingdom MOD APK

Overall, Naughty Kingdom is developed quite similar to other dating games on Nutaku. However, it still gives you a new experience thanks to the new storyline as well as new features. Booty Calls is also an interesting game from 3x Entertainment that you should not miss. Immediately following will be the download link of Naughty Kingdom MOD APK game for you to download and experience.

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