Download NBA 2K Mobile Basketball APK + Data V1.0.0.400013

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Developer 2K Sports is always famous for sports simulation games, most notably sports games in basketball and WWE. In the beginning, they only released their sports game products exclusively for PC and Console. Later, they have expanded to the point of release for mobile platforms, on iOS and Android. And they succeeded in putting their attractive titles on their mobile phones, because the number of people playing their games on mobile is even more than on other platforms. As you know, NBA 2K basketball game series is the most prominent game of this company, recently they have just released the latest version for this series called NBA 2K Mobile Basketball.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball was released for iOS since late 2018, for some reason, the Android version was not released at the same time. As of April 2019, the NBA 2K Mobile Basketball version for Android is officially released. So all players can easily experience this great basketball game. Following NBA 2K Mobile Basketball, there was still a basketball sport like the previous NBA 2K versions.

Experience realistic basketball playing right on your mobile

Coming to NBA 2K Mobile Basketball, you will still be collecting basketball players for your team and choosing them to participate in tournaments, through 5vs5 team matches. Thereby you will use the Drills to train your basketball players, and take the team to the top leagues to receive prizes, collect new construction materials. Take part in time-limited events to obtain exclusive cards, with the goal of ranking rankings to become a legend.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball has 2 main game modes Seasons and Leagues. Seasons is the standard mode, where you play in a number of battles against the NPC. After each season you will be rewarded with rewards worthy of what you have achieved this season. It could be a card representing a new or newly equipped basketball player to enhance the index for one of the team members. The League is a dramatic competition mode, where you confront players across the globe through real-time PvP matches. This mode is based on the ranking system. That means you will be paired with players who have the same skill level as you and don’t have to compete with a whole superstar team, this is a feature that brings balance to the game. The game also has an extra mode that you can experience, although not as competitive as the two modes mentioned above, it is Drills. This is a practice mode, where you choose a specific basketball player in your team to improve your skills. Drills are updated daily so you can cultivate skills for each member every day.

Main features of NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

  • Diverse card system with more than 400 cards accompanied by real-life basketball players, from superstars and legends to young players
  • High quality 3D graphics are as good as the PC version or Console, providing a great experience
  • Diverse game modes for you to conquer
  • Gather your favorite basketball players, that will be your motivation
  • Attract fans for their team
  • Exclusive rewards in real-time events
  • Daily rewards from Checklist and login.

Download NBA 2K Mobile Basketball APK

Participating in NBA 2K Mobile Basketball you will have a truly authentic experience thanks to the state-of-the-art 3D graphics quality, which is equivalent to the Console version. However, with such quality graphics, the game is quite large and requires your gaming device to have a fairly high configuration to be able to play smoothly. NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is a great game for those who love basketball, below is the link to download the game for you.

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