Night falls: Night falls APK + OBB v1.0.137 download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher X.D. Global
  • OS Android
  • Size 4G
  • Version 1.0.137
  • MOD Features No
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Night falls: Night falls APK is a new survival game developed and released by X.D. Global, a famous game company. But this is not a completely new game, because it was developed based on the famous LifeAfter game that was released earlier by NetEase. In NetEase version, this game has received a lot of players to participate and is rated very positively. So the LifeAfter game: Night falls, can this create attraction and compete with the original? Let’s find out through the introduction below. And finally we will provide the game download link for you to try.

The plot of the game

A cruel world affected by a giant snowstorm, it has made the world chaotic and humanity is facing many dangers. Every time the darkness falls, this world is no longer peaceful but instead is an atmosphere when gloomy as hell. And you are released into that world, to begin your journey of survival. You will have to do everything you can to survive. As you move constantly to find a safe place, you will suffer as much as the cold of the night, hungry and tired … You can hear the growl of infected people, just re- near them you will have a terrible night, face bloodthirsty zombies. How long can you survive in such a harsh environment?

Survival gameplay

Hope is fragile for life

The world which is beautiful and peaceful, where you and your loved ones live, is no longer the same. It becomes a strange place because of the emergence of diseases and viruses. You and other survivors will have to face a series of difficulties to survive. Your life and they are constantly threatened by illness, famine, infections and organizations with hidden agendas. But every danger has a way out for you, you need to find that way out for yourself, never give up, because this is a game not for the coward.

Exist with everything

You will have to move to many places and learn how to survive with everything that appears there, there will be many difficulties and challenges for you in each location. It could be a city journey full of infected people, or an abandoned mine, or a destroyed university, or a cold forest in the highlands … At each location hey, you will have to search for essential materials to survive. At first you need to learn how to hunt and gather food, and face diseases. And most importantly, you have to know how to take care of the wound and create an arm to protect yourself.

Other survivors

Your danger is not only the coldness of hell night, the disease or the bloodthirsty zombies, but also in other people living in this world. They also need to have the best to survive, even to attack others. You can catch them anywhere, especially when you look for the necessary items. These people can approach and attack, plunder you so you need to be careful with those people. But there will be some good people who can share food with you and tell you their adventure story in this survival.

3D graphics

Going through the game, you can easily see LifeAfter: The Night falls have the same image style as NetEase’s LifeAfter original. Strictly speaking, this new version was developed based on the original NetEase, only slightly changed the gameplay. Accordingly, the graphics quality of this game is also quite impressive, sharp 3D images with dark and cold colors, creating a feeling of horror and fear for you when playing games. The visual effects and sound effects are also shown well to increase the lively and attractive for the game.

Download Night falls: Night falls APK

In general, the gameplay and image of LifeAfter: Night falls are not much different from NetEase’s LifeAfter version, but you should still try it, you may like. The following is the link to download the game for you.

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