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You probably already know that the Chessboard game genre has been loved by a lot of players recently. This game genre originated from Auto Chess mode of Dota 2. Then there were a series of game products developed based on this game mode of Dota 2. Today we introduce you to read a title An extremely unique dignity chess game called Onmyoji Chess.

You probably guessed the unique feature of the Onmyoji Chess we just mentioned. That is the fascinating theme of the game, based on the famous Netmase game brand Onmioji. And it is NetEase that develops and publishes this Onmyoji Chess game. This game has just been released on October 1 recently. Immediately after its appearance, it quickly received the attention of a large number of players. Currently the new game has been released in certain countries, interested readers can only play it through our Onmyoji Chess APK below.

Chessboard style gameplay is in vogue

Basically, Onmyoji Chess still carries the same dignity-style strategy game as Auto Chess. Entering the match, you and 7 other players will compete together, combining strategy with their Shikigami squad. The survivor to the end will crown the winner. During the preparation phase of each turn, the chess pieces in the chess box will be refreshed automatically. Or you can also spend money to refresh the squad. After that, you are allowed to take or buy chess pieces from the chess box and add them to the preparation team.

When there are 3 similar Shikigami, you can merge them into an upgraded version of that Shikigami by selecting Upgrade or dragging the chess piece in your hand into the same Shikigami on the board. Having a stronger, higher level chess piece and performing combo moves are the key to winning in Onmyoji Chess. The game offers various available chess boards and accessories for you to collect. For example, the romantic Sakura chessboard, the summer-themed beach chessboard and the Japanese-style chess board, etc. There are also many cute mascots who are companions, cheering players in every battle.

Currently the game owns more than 50 Shikigami so you can freely combine, build a strongest squad. Accordingly, you will command moves and attacks for the Shikigami designed with specific abilities. Through each battle there will be random items that help players strengthen the squad. Onmyoji Chess also features charm, buff effects. When you reach a certain number on the battle, you can activate the Dependent effect. Dependent charm of the same type will be classified into many landmarks, successfully activating the Duyen effect will receive strong buff attribute.

Eye-catching images

Up to now, NetEase has never let us down about the game image they develop. They apply the best visual and graphic technologies to develop their products. Therefore, most of the games that NetEase releases have high quality 3D graphics. And Onmyoji Chess is well invested in the visuals, bringing a great experience to the players. Because it is inspired by the legendary Onmyoji, the game has a beautiful Japanese style art of the Heian period. There will be many magical creatures of the Onmyoji series that also appear in the game. Another highlight in the image section, is that the skill effects of the characters are created extremely beautifully thanks to the brilliant lighting effects.

Download Onmyoji Chess APK

Come to Onmyoji Chess, you will have a great experience with the popular Chessboard gameplay, with the popular Onmioji theme. This will be an unprecedented experience. It can be seen that NetEase was very creative when choosing these two topics together. Therefore, we can confirm that Onmyoji Chess game will surely receive a lot of favorite players in the future. Your favorite Shikigami are now converted into pieces that are used to fight in a particular way to win. If you are a fan of Onmioji game, you should not miss this Onmyoji Chess game

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