Project Boost: rocket Prototype! APK v1.9 download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Davidoggo
  • OS Android
  • Size 44MB
  • Version 1.9
  • MOD Features No
  • Get it on Google Play


Project Boost: rocket Prototype! APK is a fairly simple but addictive style action adventure game. This game was created by Davidoggo, an unpopular game company. They have only released one mobile game product since its inception. And Project Boost: rocket Prototype! is the second game they created. Their first game didn’t get the attention of many players, but perhaps Project Boost: rocket Prototype! will be more popular.

Accordingly, Project Boost: rocket Prototype! was released on January 19 recently. This is the official version, the demo was put to Google Play on January 8. It was developed with an action gameplay combined with quite simple adventure. Along with that, the 2D graphics background is not too prominent. So, the reason why Project Boost: rocket Prototype game! Is it getting loved by quite a few players? Let’s find out through the review below. After that, you can download Project Boost: rocket Prototype! APK from the link at the bottom of the article.

Addictive adventure game

This is a fairly simple adventure game. Your mission in the game is to control your rocket to escape the earth and reach a safe space. On this flight, you will encounter many problems DODGE obstacles and NEUTRALIZE threats. Try to overcome every challenge to complete each level and fly higher and higher. The story of the game is that you will help the rocket fly into outer space and discover the hidden secrets for so long.

When you first join a few games, you will start from LABORATORY where rockets are tested. You will then escape through CITY, pass MOUNTAIN and through ATMOSPHERE to finally fly into SPACE, where no one can catch you. This will be a difficult journey, but it is no less interesting and fun.

Regarding the control system, the game is designed to be very simple and easy to get used to. You will have options such as flying straight up or to the left or right. Based on the obstacles or enemies that you control the rocket to move appropriately from these buttons. The game supports multi-touch, so you can both go straight and move to the sides to dodge or toss obstacles.

Main features

  • Enjoy super detailed 3D images and brilliant visual effects
  • The gameplay is simple, but can be addictive for you
  • Intuitive control system with integrated navigation buttons right on the screen
  • 8 different craft levels for you to conquer
  • Rhythm follow rhythm while flying
  • Interesting story, can you find the mystery in the journey to explore this space?
  • Constantly alert to obstacles falling from above
  • Destroy almost everything inside the game with explosive bullets

Download Project Boost: rocket Prototype! APK

Overall, Project Boost: rocket Prototype! is a fascinating game, you can hardly stop playing it. Listening to introductions maybe you will not be interested in the game, but when experiencing it directly, you will certainly like it. Here is the link to download the game Project Boost: rocket Prototype! APK through Drive. You can quickly download, install and enjoy it.

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