Project QT MOD APK v6.0 (GodMode, Auto win) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Nutaku
  • OS Android
  • Size 49MB
  • Version 6.0
  • MOD Features GodMode, Auto win
  • Get it on Google Play


Today we continue to come with an adult themed game, mobile game released on Nutaku platform. In previous articles, we introduced readers to interesting games such as FAP CEO, Booty Call, Booty Farm, Pocket Waifu … Each of these games has different content for you to experience without causing. boring. And Project QT is developed with role-playing action game with an adult theme, sure to make you enjoy. Here we will introduce you to the interesting points in this game, then will provide a link to download the Project QT MOD APK game for you.

Content of the game

After a black hole experiment in the North Pole, a mysterious black door has been opened to take you to an unknown space. Here is the appearance of strange viruses, hiding dangerous pathogens. Not only that, this place also has the appearance of a group of hot monster girls. Their beauty surprised everyone. You will be immersed in any character to start a battle to save this world. And another important task in this game is to chase the sexiest girls your way. Do everything to conquer challenges and conquer the most beautiful girls, become the winner.

Main features

  • Experience immersive action gameplay, combined with elements for adults extremely attractive
  • You need to grow your monster girl by using memory pieces. Each girl will be given a star rating (at least 1 star and at most 5 stars)
  • Every time the upgrade for the girls, they will have a new beauty more attractive. Strictly speaking, the higher the rarity, the less their clothes
  • Currently the game has 8 monster girls available, each with 3 ~ 6 captivating videos
  • You can unlock their videos by upgrading their Loyalty and Skill levels
  • In order for those beautiful girls to be loyal to you, you only need to give gifts and increase their Skills
  • Try to conquer those girls, and enjoy their beautiful videos

Images and sounds

Game Project QT is designed in Anime style, based on extremely eye-catching 3D graphics. You will be caught up in the game by the attraction and beauty of the girls in the game. These girls are shaped with beautiful looks, hot bodies and diverse costumes. In addition, the skill effects while fighting characters are also very impressive, no less than the popular role-playing games today. Along with that, sound effects, voice are integrated to make the game more vivid. Overall the image is the highlight of this Project QT game.

MOD feature

  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode
  • 1 Hit Kill

Note: You can only play Project QT MOD APK version through the rooted Android device. This is a pretty difficult condition for Android users, so we will soon bring the MOD version to regular Android devices as soon as possible.

Download Project QT MOD APK

Not an office management game like FAP CEO or farm game like Booty Farm, Project QT is equipped with unprecedented role-playing action. Moreover, the game still incorporates elements for adults, stimulating players’ curiosity like other games on Nutaku. Surely this will be a great game that you will love it. The following is the download link of Project QT MOD APK for you.

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