Protect my Love MOD APK v2.0.6 (Unlimited Rubies) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Genius Studio
  • OS Android
  • Size 39M
  • Version 2.0.6
  • MOD Features Unlimited Rubies
  • Get it on Google Play


Protect my Love MOD APK – a new game in the famous simulation game series of Genius Studio has just been released. Introducing a little bit, Genius Studio is famous for its simulation adventure series Anime Girl Friends. And in the previous article we also introduced you to read some games like My Zombie Girlfriend, Sakura Scramble !, My Ninja Girlfriend. These are all unique versions of the Anime Girl Friend series.

This latest version was released in late November recently, support for Android is completely free. Accordingly, the gameplay of the game has not changed compared to the previous versions. It will still be an adventure game in the form of simulation. But you will experience a whole new story and meet new characters. Surely this will be an exciting adventure that you should not miss.

The story of the game

You are an assassin and you possess great fighting skills. You are famous all over the world. Every assassin has a rule of its own, your rule is not to harm women or children. Once, you get a fairly simple task of assassinating three targets. This is a task that needs to be resolved quickly before an opponent comes before you. The goal this time is three sisters with a huge fortune, and you will get a lot of money from this mission. But when you break into that rich mansion, you see that your goals are all women. Those are three sisters, all beautiful girls.

Then you gave up on the task of assassinating the three cousins. But not only you are hired to attack this mansion. As soon as you give up your intention to attack, another organization arrives. And you defeated that organization and saved the lives of three sisters in the mansion. After being rescued, they made an offer but you did not accept these offers. But they promised to give you all the assets they had, you wondered. By the time they mention their lost sister, you’ve accepted the offer. The main purpose is not for money.

Character system

Julia – The most mature sister

Julia is the oldest sister in the house. Although she doesn’t show her affection outside, she always cares and cares for her younger siblings. She is committed to taking care of all the work in the family, expressing herself as an exemplary older sister.

Cindy – The second older sister full of energy

Cindy is an active person and she doesn’t like her sister’s personality, they don’t match. Because she felt unhappy when Julia considered herself a child. However, she still has a bit of admiration for her sister’s sense of responsibility. Can you remove the distance between the two of them?

Katie – Youngest youngest sister

This is the girl with the most special personality. As the youngest, Kaite always seeks to know the truth, that her parents have been harmed. But her two sisters ignored and did not take the initiative about this important thing. Because of that, she was a little resentful at the two sisters. Your task is to help her find out the truth about who killed her parents. Can you?

MOD information

  • No consumption of diamonds for high-end options
  • Download APK file and install (Delete original from Google Play if available)
  • When prompted to login to your Google Play account, press the back button

Download Protect my Love MOD APK

Protect my Love continues to be an extremely interesting adventure game for you. If you do not have a girlfriend, or still want to have a virtual love affair through the game, please come to this game. You will have true feelings for beautiful girls. But you will have many choices, every decision is made by you. Go on an adventure in Protect my Love MOD APK to start your love story!

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