Rebel Cops APK v1.3 (MOD, Paid) download free for Android

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  • Publisher HandyGames
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  • Version 1.3
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Rebel Cops is an intense strategy game developed by Weappy Studio. And it was released by THQ Nordic for platforms like PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS … These versions were released in 2019, so far it has been quite a while. long. And it appeared on the mobile platform yesterday (April 23). Specifically, it was released by Handy Games, not its developer.

Accordingly, the mobile version is sold on Google Play and AppStore for $ 7.99. This price is a bit lower than other platforms (on Steam is $ 9.99). But for mobile users, this is a pretty expensive price. As one of the spin-offs of the popular This is the Police series, Rebel Cops gameplay is a combination of turn-based tactics and stealth action. This is a highly difficult game where even one bullet can kill your character.

The plot of the game

Rebel Cops takes the plot of the city police revolt against dangerous criminals. The story is about Viktor Zuev, a notorious criminal boss in the world, who took over the town of Ripton by force quickly. It is crazy that even the leaders, even the local police, surrender at his will. Zuev is famous for his ability to intimidate and blackmail, he has captured every big business in town, he controls everything in the palm of his hand. And of course, there will be the bravest people who will not yield to this criminal. Together they stood up against the criminal, and condemned the rulers at Ripton at the time. However, this is an extremely difficult task, impossible to accomplish in a few days.

Strategic action Gameplay

The gameplay of Rebel Cops revolves around the traditional turn-based strategy. However, Rebel Cops brings a different element that is combined with sneaky elements. The enemies will follow a fixed route available, they will constantly find the dangers in sight and if a player is detected, a whole crowd will enter. vigilance mode.

Players will control the unlucky police, when they are in an uprising against the criminals that control the city. This is a game with a content of justice enforcement, so you can not kill as comfortable as other games. In many quests, you have to defeat your enemies without killing them. But you have many ways to do this, such as using a stun batong, stun gun, or most visually, from behind to raise the gun to control the target.

Once the target is immobile, you need to have your police officers cuff them or the criminals will escape after a few turns. Controlling and handcuffing enemies is similar to killing them. But this method takes twice as much manpower than killing them. We have to surreptitiously approach our prey, subdue him in silence and make sure there is enough time to catch the flood without being detected. Therefore, this is an extremely difficult game and requires tactics from you.

The missions in Rebel Cops are quite diverse, they are really difficult when your characters can be defeated after just one shot. Moreover, since you are a police officer, you have only a few simple weapons, not heavy ones. Rebel Cops relies entirely on team composition as well as calculation of moves, depending entirely on the player’s strategy.

Main features

  • Top-notch turn-based strategy game
  • Fighting crime and the government collapsed
  • Faced with a series of difficulties when constantly lacking supply
  • Constantly alert, only one bullet has been defeated
  • Learn to sneak, be nimble, and use your arsenal to take full advantage
  • Defeat the entire criminal gang of Zuev to reclaim your town
  • Bring peace and happiness to the beautiful town of Ripton
  • Play the game without any ads appearing

Download Rebel Cops APK

In general, Rebel Cops mobile version still inherits the plot, gameplay and images of the original. Only the controls will slightly change when you play on smartphones. Control of this mobile version is also simpler. And the following will be the link to download the game Rebel Cops APK completely free for you.

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