Rise of Awakened APK v1.0.0 download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher uBeeJoy
  • OS Android
  • Size 686MB
  • Version 1.0.0
  • MOD Features No
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Rise of Awakened is a new platformer role-playing action game released by uBeeJoy developer. The game has just been released in early August, but is limited to certain countries, so you can only play the game via the APK file. And we provide the game download file for you at the end of this article. Accordingly, the game is designed according to the classic platformer game style, bringing a thrilling story and lively characters with their own personality.

Background of the game

The game was built in a fantasy setting in the 1970s, an accident called “Grand Shockwave” that changed the DNA of millions of citizens around the world. Not stopping there, after two days of that incident, a group of aliens appeared on earth, called Admin. Soon after appearing on Earth, they turned New State into a separate world. So humans are facing many dangers such as demons, aliens and criminals. To combat the demons and the criminals that appear every day, you will become the director of the director of EGRPA (Strange Research and Protection Project Agency), who will recruit Awakenbed to fight. Fight them. Fight and discover the truths behind this crazy event!

Role play action role-playing

Like other role-playing role-playing games, you will be given the character to join the journey to fight the devil. There will be many characters with different fighting abilities for you to choose the most suitable or favorite person. During the game, you will have to level up and develop your character to be able to confront stronger opponents. In addition, you can unlock additional skills to maximize your choice of character combinations.

The game offers many different game modes for you to experience, you can change the game mode to not be bored. There are 3 real-time PVP modes and 5 Trial modes including 1vs1, 3vs3, 2vs2, Daily Trial, Awakening Trial … Among them the most unique Trial is called “playground” of Baphomet ”, is a combination of poker and rougelike. With these challenges, players will be able to exploit their full potential, demonstrating their strong power and skills.

Vivid images

The point that the game Rise of Awakened attracted the attention of players is the eye-catching image style. Using 3D-style 3D graphics technology, the characters in the game become more unique and attractive than the facial expression system as well as individual personality. Combined with the action genre, Rise of Awakened Mobile players will admire and execute stunning skill combos thanks to eye-catching visual effects. Each character’s versatile moves with a unique and portrayed anime style make you entangled with every battle.

Download Rise of Awakened APK

Participate in the Rise of Awakened game, you will experience an attractive role-playing action game and enjoy stunning 3D-style 3D images. Currently this game is in beta and only released in certain countries, but readers can still easily download the game through our Rise of Awakened APK version below. Visit MODCosy regularly to experience the best games for mobile.

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