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Already stormed you want to become a powerful King, rule a rich kingdom with crowded subjects? If you are interested in ruling the kingdom, conquering neighboring countries, try participating in the Rise of Kingdoms, a super strategy game for you to play the role of a King. Rise of Kingdoms is a product of the publisher Lilith Games, which was released in 2018. Previously it was called the Rise of Civilizations, but in March, the game was renamed to Rise of Kingdoms by the developer.

So far, Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK has received more than 10 million downloads along with more than 400 thousand reviews from players downloaded on Google Play. And it is rated as one of the most exciting strategy games of 2018 with remarkable achievements. A little bit about Lilith Games, this is a game company that is famous for many popular mobile games, such as Art of Conquest, Soul Hunters, … And Rise of Kingdoms game is the most successful game. Lilith Games.

Journey to build and govern the Kingdom

The gameplay of the game is developed in a strategic way, you will build a kingdom then forget your team to conquer new lands, conquer other countries. When participating in the game you have to choose between 8 civilizations: German, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Thai, Rome and Japanese. Immediately after choosing, you are taken to your own area to begin the construction journey. Everything will be built around your main house. When upgrading to this powerful main house will facilitate the upgrade of other buildings, thereby increasing the level and power of your kingdom to new levels.

You can choose different types of buildings to build in a reasonable way, in which there will be default works such as: Fields, barracks businesses, barracks, resource depot, … Works This process requires you to upgrade continuously, which takes a lot of time. But you can complete the quests to get the accelerator card, which helps you upgrade the building faster. Please expand your territory around to get more advantages. So you will need an overall map to admire and control the entire territory, this map is integrated right at the main screen. You can use your two fingers to zoom the map to make it easier to observe.

When you go to expand the territory, you will see mountains or small roads, that is the boundary between territories. When exploring new lands you will get many things: resources, food sources from animals, fruits, but there are threats such as evil beasts, invaders, even are their works. After building buildings, you have another extremely important task to build the army.

Conquer other kingdoms

Building an army has the importance of any kingdom, strong troops to be able to show authority, protect the kingdom as well as conquer neighboring kingdoms. You will build and develop your army by recruiting and training, building military buildings, and controlling them with officers and commanders. You need to have crowded soldiers, wise commanders. The more soldiers you need, the more commanders you’ll need. And of course every general will give you a different way of giving a battle.

The game features a connection between players, when allowing you to join your ally. Associating allies with other empires, you will receive help from them and vice versa. You can work with them to find and share resources.

Download Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK

In addition to attractive tactical gameplay, the game Rise of Kingdoms also possesses high quality 3D graphics, giving you the feeling of the best experience. You will be caught up in the dramatic battle for territory in Rise of Kingdoms, what are you waiting for without downloading the game right away and experiencing it!

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