Romancing SaGa3 APK v1.0 download free for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher SQUARE ENIX
  • OS Android
  • Size 42MB
  • Version 1.0
  • MOD Features No
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Romance SaGa3 APK is the latest version of the popular Japanese Romance Saga series. If you haven’t already, this is a series of original role-playing video games developed and released by Square as the fourth game in their SaGa series. It was designed by Akitoshi Kawazu, who was the main developer for previous SaGa titles, along with his colleague Kenji Ito providing the soundtrack for the game. This game has made a famous brand for Square Enix in recent years.

More than a year ago, Square Enix released a new version of this series. It’s Romancing Saga 2, released on mobile devices and PlayStation Vita. In which the mobile version received the most favorite player.

And this new version of Romance SaGa3 has just been released on November 10. Earlier, Square Enix announced on Twitter and Famitsu of Japan that the company will give the most thorough care for this new version. And now the game is sold on Google Play, with a fairly expensive price of $ 25.99. Compared to the current paid mobile games, Romance SaGa3 has a really different price. Therefore, there are many players who want to experience this game, but do not want to spend such a large amount of money.

Content of the game

The story of the game tells the world about 300 years ago and the event of an eclipse tinged with death. This event has destroyed every being in the world. Every 300 years, Rise of Morastrum threatens the existence of the human world. Most of mankind that year was helpless against that death, unstoppable. But surprisingly, after this death event passed, there was a boy who survived for some miraculous reason. The only living person who used the power of death to conquer the world. But his fate is extremely mysterious, he is mysteriously missing. And then another 300 years passed, yet another child despite his destiny survived the horrific destruction. She is known as Matriarch. She has been around for 300 years, and the human race is once again in danger of extinction, can she stop this crazy event?

Start adventure journey

Starting the game, you will participate in life 16 years later, from the horrific event and guess whether things are gradually going on. You choose from 8 different leading characters and each possesses a special ability as well as an important position in the game. While the mechanism of building an empire from Romancing Saga 2 is not completely maintained in the next version, the battle system and character hierarchy are kept intact. Still familiar gameplay adventure, but you will enjoy new stories along with new content.

Classic graphics

As for the image, Romance SaGa3 still has the same classic style as previous versions. It’s an old, simple, Pixel-style 2D graphics background. With today’s modern technology, Square Enix has the ability to bring a high-end 3D graphics platform for Romance SaGa3. But they want to bring the familiar experience and classic style that has made the brand for Romance SaGa for many years. So you will still be exploring a big world through unique images. Although there is no change in image style, but the graphics of this version are optimized for mobile platforms, bringing quite eye-catching images for players.

Download Romancing SaGa3 APK

Still the familiar gameplay, along with the classic graphic style, you will experience both new and familiar with this version of Romance SaGa3. You will enjoy completely new features never before available in previous versions of Romance SaGa. And the following is the link to download the game Romance SaGa3 APK for you to easily download and experience

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