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Rumble Hockey is the latest sports action game from the publisher Frogmind. This is a fairly famous game company with interesting action games for mobile. Not so long ago, we introduced readers to one of their games, Rumble Stars Soccer. That game has gained the popularity of players around the world, collecting nearly 10 million downloads on Google Play.

And they released Rumble Hockey style quite similar to the Star Soccer version. Still a sporty style action game combining 3D graphics, you will have a great experience. Instead of playing football, in Rumble Hockey you will play another sport, hockey. Hockey is also a popular sport, popular in many countries around the world.

Sport gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Rumble Hockey is developed based on real-life hockey. You will collect the characters in the game about your team, then select the characters to participate in hockey tournaments. This is just an entertaining Hockey game, not a simulated sports game. The game will split the screen into two parts above and below, each player will be on one side. You will control your character using a stick and hit the ball into the opponent’s goal. But it’s not just ordinary polishing, it’s the unique skills that have been created in this game. You can also create many unique combos from these skills.

Once you master the skills and how to play the game, you will enter Hockey matches in real time. Your opponents are players around the world. Defeat them through the tournament, challenge and club modes.

Main features

  • Enter the ultimate real-time hockey game
  • Compete with players from around the world to confirm your abilities
  • The game is based on real physics
  • Constantly training skills, performing combos to defeat the opponent
  • Collect chests to unlock attractive rewards
  • Built and developed for your Rumbler collection
  • Conquer the most noble tournaments to win prizes
  • Form or join a club with other players to improve together
  • Challenge your friends or members of the Club
  • Review the match of the best players on RumbleTV to refer to their tactics
  • Special events are held every week for you to participate. The reward is very attractive

Images and sounds

As for the image, the Rumble Hockey game is still developed with a 3D-style graphic background similar to Rumble Star Soccer. As you can see in the image below, the image design bears many similarities with its elder. Still the vertical image type, divided into two upper and lower parts corresponding to the two teams play. The character shaping part has not changed. However, Rumble Hockey is still more prominent than many elder Rumble Star Soccer. Because the image of this new version has been upgraded. Images are sharper, colors are more diverse, and visual effects are also more impressive.

Download Rumble Hockey MOD APK

Overall, Rumble Hockey possesses interesting sports play along with extremely eye-catching images. If you are a hockey fan, you should not miss this game. While it may not give you an authentic experience, you can entertain yourself with the type of Hockey you’ve never tried. Download Rumble Hockey MOD APK now to start the journey to conquer the most noble Hockey cups!

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