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Rumble Stars Soccer – Fromind’s unique sports game

Have you ever experienced a strategy game with the theme of sports, not fighting? If not, try joining the game we introduced below, called Rumble Stars Soccer. As a product from Frogmind, the game company is quite famous for popular games like Badland Brawl, BADLAND. This game was released on the AppStore some time ago, and at that time the Android version was just a test version on Google Play. And now, the game has been officially released for gamers to easily experience.

The new Rumble Stars Soccer game does not look like his brother Badland, but is similar to another popular strategy game, the Super Cell’s Clash Royale, but the game’s sports theme will give a feeling of Completely new experience. Immediately after being released, this game quickly received the love of players all over the world, now the game has received over 1 million downloads along with more than 12 thousand reviews on Google Play. , and these numbers are growing very fast.

Experience tactical gameplay that combines sports

Come to the game you will witness the familiar football game on grass, where players will show their ability to build tactics. The game requires a high tactical element, not a control element like other football games. However, your football player system will not be real people but will be non-natural animals such as lions, tigers, monkeys … .. With each species will have the ability and other ways of playing football. each other and you can gradually unlock new cards during play. Currently this player system is quite diverse, and also added after the new version updates.

Taking part in the match in Rumble Stars Soccer, you will see a similar layout to Clash Royale. Still the straight screen divided equally for the two sides from top to bottom, the uncle will try to become your goalkeeper and stand in the goal, the opponent will also have such crafts. Below is the player interface when you can summon them to the field when you have enough action points. Each animal will cost a different amount of points, depending on each species with their own abilities. For example, pandas will be able to make shots on the right side of the goal, but will not be able to participate in the ball … Meanwhile the buffalo player can ignore the ball and rush into “colliding” with the opponent immediately instantly. One suggestion for you when playing a game is to choose a combination of dog player and wolf player, when fast-paced dogs can win the ball and pass to the wolf with the ability to finish the goal. Player.

In addition, the game also has special cards that can be activated to give yourself the advantage of a magnet to pin the opponent’s foot, the fire ball will damage anyone within the influence …. These moves will also take action points so you need to know how to use it properly. The most interesting game mode is real-time PvP play, which requires a network connection and it allows you to try out other players to climb the rankings. Please continuously upgrade your player system to be able to win the strongest opponents.

Download Rumble Stars Soccer APK

This is really a great combination of strategy games with sports, especially football is the favorite king sport worldwide. Rumble Stars Soccer is currently at the top of the ranking of app stores and you should not miss this unique game. Rumble Stars Soccer APK is ready for you to download!

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