Safe Zone MOD APK v2.5.9 (Unlimited Money) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Forever Tiger
  • OS Android
  • Size 88
  • Version 2.5.9
  • MOD Features Unlimted Money
  • Get it on Google Play


Safe Zone MOD APK is a new survival action game with the apocalyptic theme. It was released by developer Forever Tiger, a new name in the mobile gaming market today. This is the second product they launched in the entertainment market. Previously, there was a simulation game released by the game company, but not many players knew it. But the game Safe Zone is quite a lot of players interested.

The game was released a few days ago, support for Android and iOS is completely free. Safe Zone is a shooter game that survives the zombie apocalypse. It is attracting many players thanks to its simple gameplay and many new game modes that are extremely attractive and explosive. Especially this game is not like any previous survival game.

Simple survival game

Safe Zone has a simple but extremely engaging gameplay that anyone will enjoy right from the start. Accordingly, you will not play freely with many other players like survival games with the same topic. Instead, you will play the game according to the levels, experiencing difficulties and challenges through each level. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually through each level, and you must change to win by upgrading the power.

In each level, you will face the bloodthirsty zombies, they are constantly rushing to attack you. Therefore, you need to equip the best weapons, means of fighting to defeat them before they charge at you. Want to survive longer, you strengthen yourself by collecting rare and powerful weapons. Currently the game owns more than 100 types of guns, and hundreds of types of upgrades to increase power. There are also hundreds of unique skins that can be unlocked to help your weapon become unique and outstanding.

Besides increasing the power of weapons, players can also upgrade the skills, properties Damage, Cash Gain and Head Shot. These are to create more accessible opportunities to the next safe zone in the game.

Images and sounds

Game Safe Zone is built with a top-down perspective. And characters only move forward to fight. This is a different style of Safe Zone compared to other shooters. Dark and mysterious style will make the game more attractive with the theme of apocalypse, Zombie. The image quality of the game is also quite impressive, with advanced 3D graphics, bringing extremely eye-catching images. Visual effects such as fire, shadow, etc. are created in detail.

Sound system is also a part of the success of this game. The creepy sound of zombies or the sound of guns, tanks, … will bring a more alive feeling to a survival game.

MOD information

Unconditional use of banknotes to buy

Download Safe Zone MOD APK

Overall, Safe Zone is a unique survival shooter with a lot of differences compared to similar games. It can be said that Safe Zone is the most interesting zombie themed shooter, bringing many new and attractive features. This will be a great choice for you in the future. Here is the link to download the Safe Zone MOD APK game for you, you can also choose the original version from Google Play to experience

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