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RPG combining cards with attractive Saint Seiya content

Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits is a 2D mobile graphic game of the genre. Cards incorporating immersive characters have Anime / Manga themes developed by Mobage. This is also the 30th anniversary of the famous Saint Seiya brand in Japan as well as worldwide. This game was released last year, but only the Japanese version for local players. Realizing the success with the domestic version, the publisher DeNA HONG KONG LIMITED has put this game on the global market with the international version.

In early May, Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits in English version was officially launched on mobile platform, so that gamers can easily experience. However, currently the game is only released in certain countries. That’s why we offer Saint Seiya version: Galaxy Spirits APK so you can easily experience the game on your Android device without fake IP. But first, learn a bit about the game through the article below.

Content of the game

Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits APK was developed based on the Manga brand that provides the popular Japanese anime Saint Seiya, written by Masami Kurami author since 1987. This game is based on the story as well as the multiplier system. The character of the manga to develop into a role-playing game. Thereby the story of the game is about warriors called “Saints of the Knights”, who are tasked with protecting the goddess Athena and fighting against the power of the devil. There are also “gladiators” gladiators in the evil side of the black armor. Participating in the game you will be cast as a gladiator to participate in this war.

Role-playing game with general card

Entering the game, you will be able to enjoy a showdown and guide a very interesting basic battle mechanism between a faction of Goddess Athena and the Saints confronting Hades. Besides the system of characters in Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits Mobile is very diverse, gathered from all characters in the Manga version. Thereby you will meet the familiar names like Pegasus Seiya, Cygnus Hyoga, Dragon Shiryu, Andromeda Shun, Phoenix Ikki, Saori Kido. The characters are beautifully shaped, clearly expressing their unique personality and above all, bringing a familiar feeling to the image to stay the same as the Anime version. With a popular card-type battle mechanism, you will be able to arrange a lineup of up to 5 characters to participate in the match, each character will have battle skills and different role roles such as tanker, dps , support…

One of the most notable points of the game is that the system of character skills is quite diverse, including a province of great skill with extremely spectacular 3D effects. All characters in the game are correctly Japanese voice actors similar to those in the anime version, giving a strong impression to the experience. Cfon about character development, the game has dozens of familiar abilities similar to other games of the same category such as collecting pieces, random draws to unlock characters, level up, increase skills, wear pages. To be upgraded, … In addition, the game also brings many special supplementary activities, Boss hunting or even diverse legion activities.

The end

In addition to the role-playing gameplay combined with attractive general cards, Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits APK also has an eye-catching anime-style 3D graphics, giving you the feeling of playing games like watching the anime Saint Seiya with a content new. Here you just need to select the download link below to download the game to your device and experience.

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